Today’s workout

Having switched to all over body workouts from a body part a day. Thought I would share today’s workout.

Circuit 1
Leaning shoulder dumbell raises 3 sets each side 10x10lb

Kettlebell swings 3 sets 20x10lb

Round the world Kettlebell swing 3 sets each direction 20x10lb

Circuit 2
Curtesy lunges 3 sets 15x40lb each side
Decline bench torso twist 3 sets 20x10lb
Decline bench sit-ups 3 sets of 25

3 sets 100lbs

Dumbell rows 3 sets 10x 50 lbs each side

Pec flys 3sets 10x75lbs

Trx push-ups – 3 sets of 20

Calf raises seated 3 sets 15x90lbs

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