Competition Decisions

My last competition was last year in April.  I had full intentions of competing again in the fall but between administering a flop of an organization and planning my wedding in 2.5 months I eventually said screw it.  Following the wedding in August I was one big walking accident.  Displaced ribs, which lead to pneumonia because I couldn’t take a deep breath.  Got attacked by a ninja in my kitchen (blender) and had 5 stitches in my hand making it near impossible to lift for a month… ya, you name it.

So, I decided to compete with UFE again in June this year and started working toward it.

Except, I am sooo not into it.  I generally do not get serious about a competition until I have registered.  And its about 8 weeks out from now and I still have’nt.  I’ve been consistently losing weight every week since I began prep 4 weeks ago, and I have’nt missed a workout however I really don’t think I am going to do it.

Where did the drive go?  I think my goal may be to book a photoshoot this summer, it costs about the same as competing and its far more fun plus you get the evidence as well.

For so long I was chasing first.  I have 2 second places and a third under my belt but I’ve never broken that 1st place spot.  And all of a sudden, I just don’t care to try.