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kaizen cleanse day 1 review

disclaimer:  I am not paid for this review.

so, going into a competition I would never dream of doing a cleanse.  I am a natural athlete with UFE and I have never and would never “cheat”.  However I am going into a photoshoot with Rick Oliver and I am not on point from where I would like to be.  I have been stressed out about this photo shoot since I decided to do it and I decided that as part of my peak week I would try a cleanse.  Going with my “body is a science experiment”.  Rick generally shoots physique and bodybuilders and I am a little tiny fitness / bikini model who loves to lift heavy and who also loves that I’m “trim”.  So. Last week I decided to try out a cleanse.


Cleanse decision

So. Not a whole lot went into this.  I will not do a “juice cleanse”.  I also will not starve myself for anybody. I work out 6-7 days a week at 5 am and I love that I lift heavy.   Getting ready for a competition is hard work and adds stress to your body.  While I want to look fabulous in my pictures I do not want to do a full competition prep – I just want to be “photoshoot ready”.  So, I decided to search for an easy to use cleans product.


Why review

I am doing a daily detailed review because while I found some great reviews of this product most were through people trying to sell it or Kaizen themselves.


Where I got it.

I bought this at  which is a london (home town) based company.  They had 2 cleanse products and this is the one I chose.

Off the point comment

Canada post is having major issues with finances.  Even though I drive past the supplement source website on my way home there is no pick up option.  Canada post picked up my order on the 11th, drove it to Mississauga to be processed and then drove it back to be delivered on the 14th.  Ya, there are some major issues in canada post. \


The product

Kaizen is essentially a natural herbal remedy with a diuretic and a cleanser.  You eat healthy and for the first two days you take the CLEANSE liquid detox purifier twice a day and for 7 days you take the overnight “diuretic”.  (They call it something else… whatever).  So its now day 1



Did a heavy leg day at the gym followed by 1.5 hours of pampering at the salon!  Came home to begin my cleanse.

Instructions say to have the first cleanse with 8-10 oz of water after b-fast.  I was a little late on that and poured green sludge cleanse liquid into my giant 1.6 litre water bottle and downed it.  Tasted like crap regadless of the label which reads naturally flavored apple / lemon.  No worries. Drank it up.  Ate normal all day.  Spinach and chicken salad for lunch, tilapia and b-sprouts for dinner and sesame seed snack this aft.

Around 8PM I took second cleanse shot.  It had tasted sooooo awful drink one I seriously plugged my nose and took it as a shot.  Taste is way better.

The Gross stuff.

This is supposed to clean out your kidneys, liver and refresh your skin.  I have pooped a few times today but not like I have pooped more like…. I went poo a lil bit a few times (TMI I know.).


According to instructions I take 5 of the detox / cleanse (re: diuretic) pills tonight and see what happens.  Tomorrow I begin my water load and do my last major all over body deplete workout.



Status as of this afternoon:


to see status pictures follow me on instagra @onefitmamacanada
More update tomorrow.

Relay for Life a huge success

Thank you to revert one who donated. It is now 9 am on Saturday and I have been up for a lil over 26 hours.

Last night was another incredible night of joy, tears, love but most of all love.

I beat my fundraising goal of $500. Our team raised over $8000. The event numbers are still coming in but are around 200,000. This money will go towards grants to high risk research which may or may not find the cure! They will also go to support the cancer patients in the area who are still fighting.


Kick cancers butt!

Oh and it is now 7 days to showdown…. Iv been up all night and may have had some carbs but I don’t dare to guess the kind of calories burned during 12 hours of walking dancing… So pardon the exhaustion!


Need opinions? Is it possible?

So, chiropractor basically said that I have soft tissue damage and thoracic (sp?). Injury. I will be fine BY my competition…. Lol silly doc. Tricks are for kids! I am quite honestly leaner and in better shape (minus injury) than before showdown last year. I have never worked so hard ever and I really really feeling like I had this! I “could” win! And then whammy! Hurt. It was probably not the weight or my form but because the holders on the squat rack were just a tiny bit too high and I was being cocky and I twisted to set the weight down (D’Oh!)

So now… The decision…

Do I….

A). Give up “this time” let myself heal and pick another comp in the fall

B). Keep going with the diet, add in my dreaded steady rate cardio that I hate and have avoided till I got hurt (which is ok and doesn’t hurt at all). And compete while doing doc approved “if it doesn’t hurt keep doing it exercised”?

I am completely torn

It’s been a very long prep, I want to dice head first into a bucket of sweet dark chocolate and red wine. But I also know I do NOT want to give up!

Did some reading and it seems I stand little to no risk of major muscle mass loss I. Just 2.5 weeks, and the doc swears I’ll be strutting by June 21. Problem: prep diet no fun when I don’t get to lift. And… I hate cardio. And… Grumpy hurt chic

Honest opinions please, what would you do?!?

Aka; help!

And now we panic!

Seems every contest prep something happens and I panic.

Well, right on schedule at 3.5 weeks to my competition.  I am Paniced!!!

I have every reason to be.  And even though I know I can pull this together, I’m still a little freaked out.  On Sunday I was happily at the gym, pushing through an amazing leg work… or at least the first 25 minutes of one.  Pushed myself, and was about to boast about finally doing more than body weight squats without the help of the smith machine when all of a sudden I had awful pain in my chest, on my right side.  Like hurt to breath ouch pain… I walked around for a bit, attempted to stretch and it did’nt go away.  A friend later filled me in that its likely my lat, which I did’nt realize hurt until he said something.  But then all of a sudden not only did my right side chest, and side hurt but also my right upper back.  OK… Stay somewhat calm, give it a couple of days and see how it goes.  Except that’s not really what I did.  I proceeded to sulk, give up and then ate at my moms for dinner (not MY food – her yummy food!).  Pain stuck around Monday so no workout.  Monday evening sat around in the lounge chair outside.  Just before bed I felt terrible, thought I was getting sick and realized by last night that its hay fever.  Full blown god awful allergy hay fever so that I can’t breath, my eyes are watering, my nose is clogged and I have this awful dry cough which is not doing much for my sore chest / back.  Barely slept last night,  Did manage to go to the gym this morning.  However outside of majorly air conditioned spaces I am basically non-functional.  To top it off, I’ve been taking naproxen for my back and allergy meds and I look like a blimp.  Could also be that its just about that lovely time of the month or as I heard it referred to on the radio this morning “shark week”  UGH.  Either way, paniced to an extreme.


I’ve looked into opting out, researched things I do not believe in like “juice cleanses” and basically been looking for a quick fix, all while eating tilapia every 2 hours, and drinking even more water than normal in an attempt to lose the bloat.


So there’s the truth.  Prep Blows!  I want wine.  And a cheese burger.  But instead I’m going to eat this tilapia and keep my fingers and toes crossed!

Outgrew the nickname… not the reason for it.

When I was in my teens I belonged to a youth group.  I was aptly nicknamed “gimpy” after participating in the “Olympics” weekend.  That weekend I managed to accumulate more bruises than most people get in a week.  I also may have tripped over my own two feet more than once.


Just once I would like to go through a prep period without a sickness or an injury!

My original show I wanted to do was in November 2012.  I started prepping for it the spring before.  And… then I was diagnosed, had surgery and had to take a month out of the gym.

Spring Bash 2013 about 3 weeks out I got the flu.  Not like a mild cold, like a downright nasty, cannot move, nothing tastes good (especially not healthy stuff) type flu.

Showdown 2013 My ex left and came back about 5 times in the 3 months leading up to it, and I managed to pull a muscle in my leg rather badly about 2 weeks out.

Yesterday morning at the gym, just as I was about to celebrate my ability to squat more than my bodyweight without the help of the smith machine… BAM!  Pain.  Originally I thought I had torn something in my chest, as that is where I am feeling it the most.  However, a friend and fellow B-Builder pointed out its likely my lat, as that’s where the pressure of the Barbell sits during squats… I can barely move, hurts to breath, and dearie me, I don’t care if snot runs down my face you cannot pay me enough to blow my nose ever again.

I am just under 4 weeks from my show, just under 3 weeks from the relay for life.

Right now my plan is to take it easy for a couple of days and see how I feel and if it heals.  I tried doing cardio this morning at the gym, it hurt so bad it actually made me sick to my stomach… AHHHHHH

If anyone knows of some magic cure or fix for this one, please share!