Money saving tips for competitors

Competing is expensive! Between registration fees, tanning costs, photography etc competing can run you into the thousands. Let’s face it, I’m a mama on a budget. I compete because it’s amazing motivation.

1. Tanning
My first competition I did the spray tan thing and totally buggered it up. I tan pretty dark all on my own so for competition 2, I used self tanner every day for a week and did 10 minutes a day in the stand up. Way cheaper and I looked far better I think. Bonus, no sweat induced streaks


2. Suit

My first competition suit I semi customized and bought on line. It’s gorgeous but the gold color washed out on stage. My second competition suit I bought second hand blinged it up, added a scrunch bum and with some time at the sewing machine absolutely loved it. Just finished my suit for competition 3 coming up in 10 weeks. This suit all told probably cost me $20 or so.


3. Makeup and hair

This ones simple. Get online and watch stage makeup videos. Up close this looks crazy heavy and over done. One stage…. Amazing!


Any other tips for saving money??

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