Five things friday


1.  New Job = New Workout schedule


Only day 2 of new job, and have’nt been to the gym.  Feeling ok about it because really I was due for some rest… case in point, my body is still screaming at me for the last few workouts.

2.  Water consumption is easier while working

Yes, I drink it right outta the tap
Yes, I drink it right outta the tap

When you sit at a desk, drinking water is easy an I easily put down 6 1.6 litre bottles today. Could be why I am sore, lil too much water!


3.  FREAKIN Cold

Toque Weather
Toque Weather

It is -21 Celsius or -5.8 Fahrenheit with the windchill right now, its actually warm compared to this morning when it was -31.  The wind is soooo cold, and the snow is blowing.  My boss apologized for me not having a space heater today.


4.  5 Kids = Sound Barrier breaking Loud


Put 5 kids between the ages of 6 and 14 in a room and they will break the sound barrier

5.  Cheese Ball Bucket does’tn tempt me at all

Ewwww… bf bought these for the kids and is hiding them till after dinner.  You could’nt pay me to eat even one of these – yuck!


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