Things I have learned about being a Mom

1.  You can teach your children to Load and Unload the dishwasher

However do not expect that when they load it they will do it properly… this is apparently rocket science to anybody but Mom.  If they unload it and the sink is full of dishes, unless expressly told to do so, they will not put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

2.  Socks will be everywhere

In the couches, under the kitchen table, between mattresses.

3.  They will never use the last of anything

This would require going to the effort of replacing or throwing it out.  In the case of cookies, they will leave one in the bottom.  In the case of milk there will be a swallow.  Water bottles will be drank 3/4 of the way and left wherever.

4.  If something is lost… You will have to find it.

My children have complete melt downs if after 30 seconds of looking they cannot find; something.  This immediately results in “Mom… where’s my…. !”.  Trying to get them to look harder is an argument you probably will not win.  Pick your battles.

5. Until they hit puberty, bathtime, hair brushing and general hygeine will be a war on germs. 

6.  Your house will not be clean ever again!

possibly for an hour if nobody but you is home, but that’s about it.

But most of all I have learned to choose my battles, enjoy the hugs and kisses and fun moments and that time outs were not created for children… they were created for parents.

Kaizen Cleanse Review – Do Not Waste Your Money

No Longer a Daily Review

So I started the Kaizen cleanse on Friday.  You can see my first post here.



You drink these two green sludge “cleanse” drinks.  Take my advice if you try this out yourself, do not mix with water.  They still taste awful but are definitely better when taken as a shot.  Close your eyes and drink it down.  First night I took 5 of the pills that they say to take every other day unless they are not working in which case you can take them every night for up to 7 nights in a row.


The next morning I woke with incredibly dry mouth, very bad gas and that’s about it.  After sticking to my clean eating diet all day and drinking down two more of the foul tasting “cleanse” shots I took another dose of the pills before bedtime.

Sunday morning I felt absolutely awful.  Dry mouth is an understatement, no matter how much water I drank I was thirsty.  Tried to go to the gym as usual and felt dizzy.  I still had awful bloating and gas.  Though this time I finally was able to “go”.  In fact a few times.


Did not last the full 7 days on this.  Granted if I ever need a laxative I guess they are in the cupboard if I’m, stuck.

Final Opinion

The ingredients of this cleanse are essentially natural diuretics and laxatives.  Which is actually why I chose it.  However I would not suggest this.  Water loading to get rid of bloat which I am doing this week anyways in order to get ready for a photo-shoot, along with low fat, high fibre food and you’ll get much the same results in a much healthier way and without having to feel awful.


kaizen cleanse day 1 review

disclaimer:  I am not paid for this review.

so, going into a competition I would never dream of doing a cleanse.  I am a natural athlete with UFE and I have never and would never “cheat”.  However I am going into a photoshoot with Rick Oliver and I am not on point from where I would like to be.  I have been stressed out about this photo shoot since I decided to do it and I decided that as part of my peak week I would try a cleanse.  Going with my “body is a science experiment”.  Rick generally shoots physique and bodybuilders and I am a little tiny fitness / bikini model who loves to lift heavy and who also loves that I’m “trim”.  So. Last week I decided to try out a cleanse.


Cleanse decision

So. Not a whole lot went into this.  I will not do a “juice cleanse”.  I also will not starve myself for anybody. I work out 6-7 days a week at 5 am and I love that I lift heavy.   Getting ready for a competition is hard work and adds stress to your body.  While I want to look fabulous in my pictures I do not want to do a full competition prep – I just want to be “photoshoot ready”.  So, I decided to search for an easy to use cleans product.


Why review

I am doing a daily detailed review because while I found some great reviews of this product most were through people trying to sell it or Kaizen themselves.


Where I got it.

I bought this at  which is a london (home town) based company.  They had 2 cleanse products and this is the one I chose.

Off the point comment

Canada post is having major issues with finances.  Even though I drive past the supplement source website on my way home there is no pick up option.  Canada post picked up my order on the 11th, drove it to Mississauga to be processed and then drove it back to be delivered on the 14th.  Ya, there are some major issues in canada post. \


The product

Kaizen is essentially a natural herbal remedy with a diuretic and a cleanser.  You eat healthy and for the first two days you take the CLEANSE liquid detox purifier twice a day and for 7 days you take the overnight “diuretic”.  (They call it something else… whatever).  So its now day 1



Did a heavy leg day at the gym followed by 1.5 hours of pampering at the salon!  Came home to begin my cleanse.

Instructions say to have the first cleanse with 8-10 oz of water after b-fast.  I was a little late on that and poured green sludge cleanse liquid into my giant 1.6 litre water bottle and downed it.  Tasted like crap regadless of the label which reads naturally flavored apple / lemon.  No worries. Drank it up.  Ate normal all day.  Spinach and chicken salad for lunch, tilapia and b-sprouts for dinner and sesame seed snack this aft.

Around 8PM I took second cleanse shot.  It had tasted sooooo awful drink one I seriously plugged my nose and took it as a shot.  Taste is way better.

The Gross stuff.

This is supposed to clean out your kidneys, liver and refresh your skin.  I have pooped a few times today but not like I have pooped more like…. I went poo a lil bit a few times (TMI I know.).


According to instructions I take 5 of the detox / cleanse (re: diuretic) pills tonight and see what happens.  Tomorrow I begin my water load and do my last major all over body deplete workout.



Status as of this afternoon:


to see status pictures follow me on instagra @onefitmamacanada
More update tomorrow.

Dear stay-at-home-mama

Dear stay-at-home Mama,


How are you?  What have you been up to?  Did Timmy win his soccer game yesterday?

Little update on my life.   Boo just finished his baseball season, unfortunately he didn’t make the end of the year tournament but the coach is trying to put together a parent and kid game for fun.  Hoping it’s a day that I can be there, am not working and do not have to drive him 180 km’s to meet his dad for the weekend.  Big kid passed his summer school course with great grades.  He wants to try out for the football team again this year, so if you know anyone doing after school daycare for Boo please forward them onto me.  I’m still training hard.  I get up around 5 every morning to go to the gym and am really lucky my office has a gym at it so I use half my lunch hour to work out too!  I became an elite athlete this year and “can” go for my pro card in November if I choose to.  However I will probably plan to compete again at showdown next year, it’s in my home town and it’s just too difficult to make arrangements to be away for a weekend.   As you know we have the girls on the weekends that the boys go to their dads.  Unfortunately neither of their other parents wants to switch with us so it’s always a bit of a juggling act.  Would be amazing to have them all at the same time since they get along great together however we don’t want to disrupt everyone else’s schedule.  The kids went on vacation with their dads a couple of weeks ago and honey and I went away for the weekend.  Unfortunately I was out of cell service area and big kids dads got pretty upset.  Guess we should not have done that however it was wonderful to have some quiet time with honey and some friends.

In your last letter you asked a couple of questions.  Thought I would take some time to answer them for you.

As for how I keep my house so clean, everybody pitches in.  You would be amazed how quickly you can clean a house when you have all hands on deck, and considering that we have four children if everyone cleans for 30 minutes it’s about the same as spending two hours doing it myself.  Boo knows how to fold towels, hang up his laundry and run the Swiffer and vacuum around, big kid is great for cutting the grass and all of the kids help unload the dishwasher.  I have to admit that some things you just gotta do yourself, like cleaning the kitchen sink and scrubbing the bathroom, but it’s just part of doing everyone’s part to keep the house clean.

In response to where do I find the time for the gym, just wanted to assure you that my kids are just as important to me as yours are to you.  I love my “me” time at the gym, probably as much as you like your ladies coffee dates after school bus drop off.  Personally during the work week I get up at 5am, I belong to Anytime Fitness and it has 24/7 access, that time of day it’s like having a gym all to myself.  I get home just in time to get everybody else going on their day before heading off to work.  I am also super lucky cause my work has a gym at it.  It’s quite small but works great when I am getting ready for a show or a photo-shoot.  When Boo was little I went to a gym with a daycare.  It was great!  For $5 I got an hour of me time and he got to play with kids his age talk about win-win.

You’re right that I sometimes miss “those moments” with the kids.  I can’t always make it to the school assembly where he gets his award for being the most “courageous” in his class at least not when I only find out about it that morning, but I can usually be there if I know in advance.  I don’t volunteer to help during the day because I am working but I generally volunteer to organize some sort of activity with whatever they are involved in at the moment.

No, we do not have a house keeper or cleaning lady, we do not have a gardener and unfortunately the only tutors our kids have are me, honey and their respective other parents.  School day evenings can definitely be hectic, Boo’s still young enough to need a babysitter, and they all have homework and activities.  Yes, occasionally something slips through the cracks… a project not done on time, a teacher website not checked daily or a kid who misplaces the note from the teacher reminding you that your I mean their project is past due.  I am sure none of that ever happens to you since after all your “kids come first”.

Being a mom is definitely hard work!  But it’s also incredibly rewarding.  I will admit that it took a long time to really get the hang of it all.  It’s easy to fall into the pattern of feeling sorry for yourself or not feeling appreciated for everything you do.  For me it was learning to make myself a priority.  As soon as I began to do that everything else got so much easier.  It’s also when the right things came into my life, and my children became happier too.  You know that saying about if mama isn’t happy nobody is.  Well it works in reverse.  When Mama is happy everyone is… or at least usually is.   We do have teen agers in the house after-all

Just wanted to say thank you for volunteering at the school.  I really do appreciate that there are moms out there that are able to do that and enjoy it.  It’s amazing that you pick your kids up from school or meet them at the bus every day, I certainly wish it was a choice I could make.  Thank you for organizing the fundraiser sales for the scouts last season, all of my colleagues loved those cookies and I ran out of room on the order form.

I know that it’s really tough for you to get time to yourself, so let me know if you want to bring the kids over for a sleep over on the weekend, just please remind them that the rules are sometimes different and we do have things like bed times and they will have to clean up after themselves.  I know that the rules are different at our house and yours but I also don’t like being the bad guy because of it.  My kids don’t seem to mind and we do lots of fun things together.   Thinking about a back yard fire and a trip to the water park this weekend and Timmy is more than welcome to come along.


Yours Truly,


One Fit Mama