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Random Thoughts… By Fit Mama



Random Thoughts By Fit Mama

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Life’s Good… Enjoy it!

We are all so busy all of the time.  My sweetie is always apologizing because we either have my kids, his kids, or one of us is working crazy hours and we don’t always get a chance to get out of do things together.  In past relationships this used to bug me big time.  Reality is…. I love just spending time.   He’s funny, cuddly and sweet.  My boys are always busy.  Between friends, school work, activities and then throw in workouts for me and working… life’s nuts.  Some of my most favorite times are just cuddled up on the couch watching a movie or sitting around watching them play.  Things go bad, we all have stressors.  Lord knows two years of looking for solid employment wreaked havoc on the finances.  But it will all get worked out eventually.  Don’t let you’re stress make you miss the fun stuff.

I have perpetual timing problems

Doo Hicky Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/
Doo Hicky
Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/

My car’s timing belt, blew up or something.  Thankful that sweetie is a mechanic and can fix it.  This has now happened on pretty much every car I’ve ever had.  He assures me its not my fault, but I still feel bad.  Its bad timing.

Competition Decisions


Have’nt been made.  I was going to compete at Spring Bash in April.  Fortunately I got a job end of January, however because I was not in the swing of 5am workouts anymore I decided not to do the April show.  I do not regret it since for 2 of the last 3 weeks I had a flu that turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and chest infection…. in short, I felt like poo.  I generally eat healthy, but when you’re that sick and nothing sounds good, I ate junk.  Oh well.   Thinking about the June Showdown which is in my home town and where I live now!  Woo Hoo!  Need to decide soon cause there’s alot of work to be done.  See #4

Skin Sucks

He's just Cute
He’s just Cute

I’ve posted before about my thoughts on plastic surgery. … or more specifically fake boobs and the fitness industry.  However there is one surgery I would LOVE.  A Tummy tuck!  I’m pretty lucky to have had two beautiful boys, gained massive amounts of weight and lost it and have virtually no stretch marks.  However, I absolutely hate the whole bull dog thing that happens when you go to say do planks.   Stand up, see lines, go horizontal and there is just way too much skin there.  I ever win the lottery it will happen.  No idea why its bothering me so much more lately, but it is.  Could be the 35th birthday looming in a month or so.

My New Gym Rocks

Had enough of goodlife, or could be that I did’nt like the one I went to once I came home.  Either way we joined Anytime Fitness.  Its small, same company as Worlds Gyms.  The one I frequent is virtually brand new, incredibly clean…. and full of cardio bunnies.  Love that.  Most AM workouts are me and the weights with nobody else in site.  AWESOME


Five things friday


1.  New Job = New Workout schedule


Only day 2 of new job, and have’nt been to the gym.  Feeling ok about it because really I was due for some rest… case in point, my body is still screaming at me for the last few workouts.

2.  Water consumption is easier while working

Yes, I drink it right outta the tap
Yes, I drink it right outta the tap

When you sit at a desk, drinking water is easy an I easily put down 6 1.6 litre bottles today. Could be why I am sore, lil too much water!


3.  FREAKIN Cold

Toque Weather
Toque Weather

It is -21 Celsius or -5.8 Fahrenheit with the windchill right now, its actually warm compared to this morning when it was -31.  The wind is soooo cold, and the snow is blowing.  My boss apologized for me not having a space heater today.


4.  5 Kids = Sound Barrier breaking Loud


Put 5 kids between the ages of 6 and 14 in a room and they will break the sound barrier

5.  Cheese Ball Bucket does’tn tempt me at all

Ewwww… bf bought these for the kids and is hiding them till after dinner.  You could’nt pay me to eat even one of these – yuck!


Five things friday….

1.  Canadian Weather + Traffic = idiotic drivers

Having moved back to my home town I also some how with ridiculous lawyers fees still have to drive my kids to almost Toronto every other weekend and back.  Driving is not the issue, I’m Canadian and learned to drive in 6 feet of snow when I turned 16. Problem: idiot Canadians that forget they are Canadian and forget how to drive every single winter!  on a bad day its 1.5 hours… tonight, at plus 3, no ice and no snow coming down 2 hours… WTF?

2.  Competition

Competing at UFE spring bash 2014 April 5, in Mississauga

3.  New Gym

Having had enough of Goodlife Fitness and their incompetent crappy employees which are hell bent on using and abusing clients I have joined Anytime Fitness… and for the record Tuesday I had a killer chest and tricep workout in the gym all to myself a week after new years – can you say win?!?!

4.  Snow and cold suck!

Well… all you californians whining that you’re trees were blowing and it was 10 degrees (celsius)  we hit a record low of -22.4 or -41 with windchill this week.  That holy crap its cold and you need a touque in canadian speak.  (-8.32 farenheit)  it will freeze even vodka… just saying


5.  when dating….

Make sure his schedule lines up with yours.  ugh.