UFE spring bash 2015

spring bash has come and gone.  My apologies for not updating more lately however life has been insanely busy.  Between prep with my new coach ask-big-frank, working full time and my other half moving his shop add in more kids than I ever imagined and it’s so wonder that I remember to brush my teeth.  

Spring bash was another wonderful experience.  However it was much different than any I have had with them before.  There are big changes in the works.  Just not ready to announce them yet.  Needless to say I placed second in masters fitness model and third in open tall.  Have to say I am far more proud of my open placing against 20 year olds then 2nd in masters however I am still chasing that first place finish and hungry for it.  

Sunday I had the amazing opportunity of shooting with Rick Oliver and Jill Fowlie.  

Sharing some images from both my competition and my shoot.  Thank you to all of you who have supported my journey