First competition break down

1.  Tanning
The place that did my tan was amazing!  The owner is a friend of mine and she went absolutely above and beyond.  That being said, when I do this again I will either stick to good old tanning booth tan (I was already really dark) or I will pay for the on site competitiion)

2.  Division

I chose bikini because it seemed honestly the “simplest” division.  1 walk, 1 bikini, 1 pair of shoes.  Although I felt amazing I also felt after looking at pictures that I was a little too defined and perhaps “bulky” for the division. Next time I plan to compete in Fitness model and give that a go!  Plus, now that I have a taste for the stage, going on twice isn’t quite so scary.

3. Children.
It was amazing having my boys at my first competition.  They screamed and yelled and cheered me on when I went on stage.  That being said having to worry about the munchkins at the same time as compete was allot to deal with and I think I’ll find something for them to do or somewhere for them to be next time.


My #1 Fans

4. Posing
I practiced and practiced and practiced before this show.  That being said, I needed allot more practice.  I have already signed up for a workshop in May and I may contact my posing coach again before the next competition

That’s a short list considering.  I had such an amazing experience. Thanks again to everyone who supported me through all of this.  I’m hooked!


24 hours to first bikini competition

On April 13, 2013 I competed in my very first bikini fitness bodybuilding competition.  I had an amazing experience and I say its my “first” because it certainly is not going to be my last.

The day before the show I went to the gym to do my last workout before the show.  Up until the day before I had drank more than 3 gallons of water for 6 days and the plan for the day before was about 3 liters consumed before 5pm when the plan was to stop drinking water.  I also got to add in carbs again on Friday.  After my disastrous experience on my experimental peak week however I was very cautious with this.  First couple carbs were small apples spaced 2 hours apart.   I went to the gym in the morning and did a whole body circuit workout that took about an hour.

After the gym I ran home and showered and shaved and then headed to the tanning salon.  I had done one coat and washed it off the night before, and I spent close to 3 hours standing around naked waiting for the drenching we applied on Friday to dry.  When I just could’nt wait anymore I put on a t-shirt and really big loose pants and ran home only to find that I had messed up the tan and there were blotchy marks all over.  A few moments of panicked ensued as I was already late to leave and go to the athletes meeting.  I took a damp cloth and blended the worst of it.  Then off to the athletes meeting.

I admit I had no idea what this was going to consist of.  I didn’t know weather this was something I was supposed to be dressed up for, or weather I was OK as is etc.  Upon arriving at the meeting I immediately saw two very pretty blond girls that were there as competitors as well.  They were tanned very dark with their hair done, 5 inch heels, dresses and makeup done.  I looked like I had rolled out of bed.  Luckily once I entered the correct room more people looked like me then like them and I relaxed.  The athletes meeting really just means you hand in your bio, sign waivers and get your goodies bag and t-shirt.  I met some people and was standing behind a group of 3 girls all first time competitors in my division (bikini open).  The UFE splits ages up at 35 years old.  I am 33. Meaning while many of the girls in the 35 + group competed in the open division as well I was being judged as equal to an 18 or 20 year old… umm pressure?.  No matter I was trying to make frie

On my way back home after the athletes meeting I go a hold of the tanning salon and went back for another coat of tanner.  I then went home – finally. Dinner was a small grilled steak and sweet potato wedges with curry and cinnamon in the oven.  I also drank 2 glasses of wine because its supposed to help the carb up and well…

Sleep was an issue.  Because I was trying not to ruin the tan I slept on my back, trying to keep my legs from sticking together and my hands from getting sweaty and touching anything.  Plus I was excited.