Random Thoughts… By Fit Mama



Random Thoughts By Fit Mama

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Life’s Good… Enjoy it!

We are all so busy all of the time.  My sweetie is always apologizing because we either have my kids, his kids, or one of us is working crazy hours and we don’t always get a chance to get out of do things together.  In past relationships this used to bug me big time.  Reality is…. I love just spending time.   He’s funny, cuddly and sweet.  My boys are always busy.  Between friends, school work, activities and then throw in workouts for me and working… life’s nuts.  Some of my most favorite times are just cuddled up on the couch watching a movie or sitting around watching them play.  Things go bad, we all have stressors.  Lord knows two years of looking for solid employment wreaked havoc on the finances.  But it will all get worked out eventually.  Don’t let you’re stress make you miss the fun stuff.

I have perpetual timing problems

Doo Hicky Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/
Doo Hicky
Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/

My car’s timing belt, blew up or something.  Thankful that sweetie is a mechanic and can fix it.  This has now happened on pretty much every car I’ve ever had.  He assures me its not my fault, but I still feel bad.  Its bad timing.

Competition Decisions


Have’nt been made.  I was going to compete at Spring Bash in April.  Fortunately I got a job end of January, however because I was not in the swing of 5am workouts anymore I decided not to do the April show.  I do not regret it since for 2 of the last 3 weeks I had a flu that turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and chest infection…. in short, I felt like poo.  I generally eat healthy, but when you’re that sick and nothing sounds good, I ate junk.  Oh well.   Thinking about the June Showdown which is in my home town and where I live now!  Woo Hoo!  Need to decide soon cause there’s alot of work to be done.  See #4

Skin Sucks

He's just Cute
He’s just Cute

I’ve posted before about my thoughts on plastic surgery. … or more specifically fake boobs and the fitness industry.  However there is one surgery I would LOVE.  A Tummy tuck!  I’m pretty lucky to have had two beautiful boys, gained massive amounts of weight and lost it and have virtually no stretch marks.  However, I absolutely hate the whole bull dog thing that happens when you go to say do planks.   Stand up, see lines, go horizontal and there is just way too much skin there.  I ever win the lottery it will happen.  No idea why its bothering me so much more lately, but it is.  Could be the 35th birthday looming in a month or so.

My New Gym Rocks

Had enough of goodlife, or could be that I did’nt like the one I went to once I came home.  Either way we joined Anytime Fitness.  Its small, same company as Worlds Gyms.  The one I frequent is virtually brand new, incredibly clean…. and full of cardio bunnies.  Love that.  Most AM workouts are me and the weights with nobody else in site.  AWESOME


no makeup selfies… from a survivors

Everywhere I look there are women posting no makeup selfies….


This is a not to a european ad campain to raise awareness for cancer research to raise awareness for cancer research.  I give a huge nod to anyone willing to take a pic of themselves with no makeup.  I give a nod to anyone willing to put themselves out there.

The point of these pictures is being lost.  It is to raise awareness of those who have dealt with cancer.  Those that have gone through radiation, chemo, multiple drug therapies, those who’s hair has fallen out, who’s limbs do not work or you have lost them.  Those that have been through hell and back and still faced the world with the gumption that only a survivor can.


Here is my challenge. Tomorrow I will post my link to the relay for life. I do this fundraiser ever year.  This year I lost Lissa.  She was amazing. She lived through a very rare type of cancer, lost both of her legs,   she was “cured”  but dealt with things like her tear ducts did not work years later…. she was vibrant, amazing, she was a fabulous mother, she was an amazing wife and if nothing else, she was the most positive person I have ever met.  She passed away two weeks ago.  This year I will walk because I can, this year I will walk in her memory, this year I will walk…. 12 hours.  I challenge every one of my followers to donate $10 minimum to cancer research, please share them with me at onefitmamacanada@gmail.com.  If and when I get 100 responses I will post my own no make up selfie.


Please support the cause.  Please donate so we can end this terrible disease.  Donate because you can.  Donate because you should.  Donate and support an amazing cause.




Love you… now do it for the right reason.


One fit mama


Food for thought

Transformation Tuesday My Bum

Here’s my tuesday brain fart…..

1.  If you lift….just lift

nobody gets it.  The ones that do have no say in your life though they should.  The ones that make life difficult or think they have a say don’t get it

2. You will never be happy with how you look if you have competed

Once you have gone through weeks if not months of dieting hard and working out and look you’re best.  Unless you are about to go through “it” again you will never look like that…. Thus you’re best becomes unattainable in daily life.  Be prepared to not be happy looking in the mirror

3.  Men and ex’s don’t get it.

He will think you did what you did to spite / get him back / make him jealous.

He will never understand it was for you and you did it cause you could.  Regardless, be prepared for backlash of going from fat to fit after.  It pisses them off.

4.  Children are a result of both parents

No matter what you do, how you do it or you’re best intentions….. the other parent can screw up you’re kid no matter what.  Seek help.  Now.

5. You’re not super mom

you are’nt.  You may have the cape and the heels but really.  Do the best you can with what you have and hope for the best.  Its all anyone can do.  Love you’re children. Make the best choices you can and everyone elses’ comments and opinions be damned.


Proclaiming this WTF almost Wednesday

Do you step up or let them????

Do you offer advise, or let people continue with what they are doing???

images (2)This is something I am constantly confronted with.

I am a certified personal trainer, I have my first aid, and I am a gym nut that spends ALLOT of time in the gym.  When I was “just learning”  I for the most part loved advise from people that knew what they were doing already.  There were times, and still are when someone will give me advise that I just laugh off.  (Like “you should not be doing wide gripped lat pull downs that heavy, it will make you’re back large and you’ll be manly”  I laughed and laughed at them… has this dude (with a gut)  ever heard of “hour glass figure”?)

I am not about to start offering unsolicited advise to every person at the gym.  However what do you do when you see someone who obviously is trying but is doing it all wrong?

Do you step up and say “Can I help?”  Or do you just let them go on?

Case in point.  This morning at the gym there was an older lady and her daughter working out.  Neither is large, they were both trying.  I generally keep my ear phones in my head down and do my thing.  But I notice the Mom trying to tricep pull downs on a cable.  She’s got way way too much weight, bad form and is not really doing herself a whole lot of good.  First time I just ignored it, but when I saw her up the pin I started to worry she was going to hurt herself.  So, I eventually took my ear phones out walked over and said “Sorry, but can I show you how to do that properly?”  She was awesome and said “yes, of course… please” When I explained that if you are swinging you’re entire body as opposed to focusing on the muscle group you could hurt yoruself, showed her proper form, dropped the pin and had her do a set, she said “wow, that’s much better” I thought… ok.  Right thing to do.  Except she then explained to me that its what a “trainer” had told her.  Now…. there’s a few things that coulda happened here.  She did’nt understand what the trainer said.  She did’nt really have a trainer tell her to do it so.  Etc.

That’s not what this post is about.

There’s another kid at my gym.  The first time I went in and he was working out.  I watched him strut around the gym for 20 minutes.  He loaded and unloaded weights, but really did nothing.  He kept disappearing to the front of the gym (the place with no weights where nobody can see you, where they sign up new clients)  he’s come back, strut some more.  After 20 or 30 minutes he finally walked over in front of me, picked up 2 45 lb dumbbells and started full body swinging them behind himself and up to his shoulders.  I’m sure this was his version of “curls”.  I said nothing.  This kid was eyeing me like “fack off” the whole time.  He did one set of these, disappeared and then left immediately.  The next time I saw him at the gym…. the second I walked in.  He left.  I don’t care about these guys.  They will either figure it out, or they will hurt themselves and not be back.


My mom has commented being a long time goodlife member that she wishes the trainers when not training a client would walk around and correct people doing things wrong.


So which is it?


Do you think that when you see someone doing something dangerous or wrong, you should offer you’re advise, or do you let them carry on.?????