Happy 3 Year Gym Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary in the Gym.

They say that it takes consistency for 21 days to form a habit.  Doing something for 21 days straight makes it an ingrained habit.  That was my thinking on November 18, 2011 when I joined the gym.  Goal 1 was 30 lbs by New Year’s Eve, to accomplish that goal, I would spend a minimum of 1 hour a day at the gym working out, I also changed my diet drastically.  And January 1, 2012.  I hit my goal.

No, I have not worked out 7 days a week for the past 3 years.  There are times I am there 5 times a week, and others seven.  There have been whole months where I let it slide and just quit going.  However I always go back and I have to say I am very consistent.  I know that my well-being is much better when I spend time on me, and my “me” time involved some serious heavy metal.

That being said, I am into “B-O-D-Y-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G” and that means the longer, more often and heavier you lift consistently the more you can change your body.

The picture on the left is November 18 2011, as you can see I won’t even look in the mirror, looking back I wish I’d taken one head on so you could really see what I was dealing with.

Second picture was a year later.  As you can see a lot had changed.  I was beginning to get ready for the first competition I would do in April 2012.

Third Picture was 2 years in the gym November 18, 2013.  2 years of lifting, clean eating, and having competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions.


Today’s photo.  Well 3 years later.  All of that hard work has definitely made a difference in this Mama.  It’s never too late to change your life


To every one of my readers, friends, and especially my family that have supported me through this crazy journey, both the ups and the downs I want to say THANK YOU.  There have been days I just want to say enough is enough, I’m going to eat the cheesecake like everybody else.  And there are days when I have.  But those days are the exception, or a planned treat.  I wake up every morning and lift, I am proud of my strength, proud of my accomplishments and very happy with the way life has turned out.  I couldn’t of done it without you.

Moms Blabber, Food Prep, Life Update…

I give so much thanks to all of the friends and like minded friends I have made through this blog.  Some have sincerely become people I consider friends. Even if we have never met face to face.  I am just two days out from my 3 year anniversary in the gym.  That post I have written and re-written multiple times  Who knows what form it will take, however there are alot of things I have learned over the last three years.  Most of which is, you don’t know everything ever… just keep trying.


So, this is just a blabber post about life in general, because well… that’s how the blog started.  One post about why I wanted to blog that basically said, put it out there and maybe my mom or then bf would read my drivvel.


So, this week’s tip.  Food Prep.

Ya, sucks.  But honestly for me, if I don’t do it I am far more apt to fail.  I generally prep my food in the morning for the day, alongside making breakfast and a whack load of sandwiches and things I cannot eat for the boys who are bottomless pits (all 3)  and can eat whatever they want with no consequence.  I booked a photo-shoot for 2 weeks from now with Dana Brushette which I have wanted to do for close to a year.  She does boudoir and pin up shoots.  This one is at a retro style house and I can’t wait.  And while I am nowhere near competition shape, I need a goal and a motivation right now, cause I am 19 weeks from my next competition and I’m kinda in a rut.  No goal, great program, not so sure about my diet (following coaches plan please don’t tell him)    So cue goal, two weeks out and I spent most of the day cleaning, laundry and cooking for the week.  But not just for me, for the kids too.  (sorry coach, I’m on my plan for the next two weeks)


So, my food for at least the next few weeks.  Egg whites, green beans and spinach twice a day, extra lean ground turkey with green beans, onions, asparagus and a lil salsa and Italian seasoning twice a day, whey protein, peanut butter and tuna steaks.  Two weeks to rip it into shape.


I also made 8 cheese bagels with cream cheese, 8 sandwiches with different meat, condiments and ingredients, packaged muffins (the big costco ones in half per bag), cookies, carrots, separated yogurt containers and loaded up on bananas and apples for the boys.  Should make lunch making easy in the mornings, I hope.  Cause stead rate is going out the window for full blown fat burning HIIT.


Two weeks to stunning 50’s pin up.  GO

One Fit Mama #mystrongmoment

The November / December issue of Strong Magazine has One Fit Mama.

Strong magazine contacted me after I tagged #mystrongmoment on Instagram.  Make sure you follow me @onefitmamacanada 

The picture on the left is from about 2007, and that’s baby boo.  Right was about July of 2014.  What’s you’re strong moment?



Tips and Tricks on Handling Stress

The past week has been extremely stressful on a personal level.  I am not going to air my laundry on here but I will tell you its tough when you’re world gets dumped on its head.  In the past (like more than 3 years ago)  I would have eaten a tub of ice cream, drank too much red wine and essentially fallen apart while watching shitty TV or listening to music while cleaning my house at all kinds of weird hours of the day.  I still clean when stressed, it’s a great way to do something that accomplishes a task all the while taking the stress off of actually thinking about whatever the issue is and allowing your thoughts to take shape.


Here’s my biggest ticks and trips to stay sane during stressful times.

  1. Stick to your routine
    If you always get up early and go to the gym, keep doing that.  If you always have a bath before bed keep doing that.  No matter what you’re daily activities and schedule looks like stick to what you’re used to.  This keeps things “normal” for you and those around you.
  1. Eat Healthy
    I tend to lose my appetite all together when emotionally upset. I know others do the exact opposite.  Having a treat or indulgence is one thing, eating crap all day long day in and day out is not going to make you feel better.   Bad for you food makes you feel tired and possibly guilt.  Don’t add extra stress to your plate.
  2. Workout
    So, seeing as I compete and my solace time is the gym, this one could just be taken as a personal preference. However I would suggest that even if you do not work out, now is the time to add some exercise to your routine.  Go for a walk, take a class, go lift.  The last week or so I have taken more walks “just because” then I have in months.  And they helped.  It gave me a short break from dwelling on what was going on, and while I walked the fresh air and exercise helped to put me in a better mood.
  3. Sleep
    this is another one that tends to elude me during stressful times. I am one of those dreamers that if something is on my mind then it will turn into a nightmare or restless sleep.  I already get up very early to go to the gym, so messing with my sleep is awful.  However warm baths, turning off the electronics and when necessary a drop of melatonin do wonders.  I may not be getting as much sleep as I usually do, but I am getting sleep.
  4. Be nice to yourself
    Even if you are the cause of whatever is stressing you out. It’s good to be nice to yourself.  Forgive yourself, ask forgiveness of someone if it’s needed.  Take a break, buy yourself some flowers, and get your nails done.  Whatever it is that works for you and makes you feel happier.

Any other tips and tricks for managing a stressful period?