Competition Decisions

I have decided to do a 4 week cut over November.  The point is to decide weather I want to compete again this April.  I have enjoyed my relaxed diet for the last few months but this should show me where I am at and help to make my decision.

Day 1 of the cut
Day 1 of the cut

I will be adding back in fasted cardio for 30 minutes in the morning and continuing with my 3 day workout split (Back and Arms, Chest and Shoulders, and Legs)  Also cleaning up my diet, cutting out the wine and adding in more water.  I’ll be cutting back on carbs and upping my protein intake as well as avoiding fruit.


Let’s do this!

1 year anniversary

My first post was a rambling about why I wanted to start a blog, in all reality I did not even read that many blogs at the time. What a difference a year makes. Last year I thought that maybe my boyfriend and my mom might read what I wrote. I never thought it would turn into a Facebook page, twitter following, you tube channel or that I would compete. I never ever would have believed I would be embarking on the One Fit Mama Canada brand, or that I would be a personal trainer. Then again, when I started working out on November 18, 2011 no matter my best intentions I’m not sure I knew how addictive this healthy lifestyle could be.


November 18, 2011 and November 18, 2012
November 18, 2011 and November 18, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

I have made many new real friends, some absolutely amazing virtual friends and learned things from every single one of them.

A big big thank you to all of my followers, reader, tweeters, and friends! Wonder how big I can make this?!?

As a fun little exercise I thought I would share some of the stats that I have achieved this year.

I have published 228 posts.

There have been 1001 comments in total on those 228 posts.

The blog averages about 200 views in a day.

My busiest day was November 18, 2012 which was the 1 year anniversary of me deciding to change my life. On that day I had 532 views.


433 times someone has landed on my blog by searching for me “one fit mama”. I think that is really neat.



I have 181 followers on the blog directly, 287 followers on theFacebook page, 22 twitter followers and another 151 followers onInstagram.


One Fit Mama on Stage at the UFE Spring Bash 2013

All these people read what I write! And while one may be my boyfriend, and one may be my Mama the rest are wonderful and supportive people that make it so easy to stick with this lifestyle I have chosen.


Cheering Section

A huge heartfelt thank you to all of you!  Thank you for reminding me that one bad day is not a reason to quit.  And that sometimes life will force you to slow down!  Thank you for pushing me when I needed it, making me laugh when I was down, and most of all for just being there!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!