Keep Calm and Relay on June 2013

Over the years I have lost many important people to Cancer. My Uncle Tom was taken far too young. My son’s grandfather again lost his battle and last year my son Jacob walked with me. Robin, Lissa, Kelly, Pam, the list goes on and on. All of these people have battled, some survived, some lost that battle.

This year will mark my 3rd year walking with the Freedom Fighters Team. Last year mere weeks before the fundraiser I received the news that I had a malignant tumor in my right breast. The walk took on new meaning. Over the previous year I had lost over 30lbs and many inches when I had enough of being over weight and decided to get fit. I took on bodybuilding, lifting weights. In May of last year I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life and I was very angry at my diagnosis at first. During the relay I ran laps occassionally and ended up running 20 in total. I also rarely sat down or took a break. My feet by the end of the 12 hours were like lead weights at the end of my feet, but somehow in my head I knew that if I could keep walking, and keep focusing on all of the love and support pouring out of all of my friends, team mates, family, the volunteers and participants I would be fine… I would win my fight. During the walk I realized that while I was angry that Cancer had invaded my healthy body I also realized that I was in the best shape of my life and in a great place to win my fight. My body was ready for it, and maybe that happened for a reason.

I had surgery in July 2012. It was a best case scenario and I am now on hormone therapy. Not many people know, but there has been a reoccurrence. It is small and I am following doctors orders. I have side effects from the medication but I am still a fit girl and preparing to compete in my second bodybuilding competition the week after the relay this year.

I am a personal trainer and blogger and I advocate whenever I can the need to not only find a cure but the amazing benefits of healthy eating and exercise while dealing with this debilitating disease. I managed to run 20 laps last year and I plan to double it this year. I will run for my health and the hope that everyone’s fight will someday end with the same outcome.

Please join me in supporting this amazing cause. I will walk for 12 hours and remember, believe and know that no matter what I will fight and so will the doctors, nurses, patients, volunteers, caretakers, family and friends of everyone who has been affected by Cancer.

Donate Here

Help us reach our goal
You can be part of a community that takes up the fight. Please make a donation to myself or my team in support of the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life – with your donation, you can help us make cancer history.

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