Need opinions? Is it possible?

So, chiropractor basically said that I have soft tissue damage and thoracic (sp?). Injury. I will be fine BY my competition…. Lol silly doc. Tricks are for kids! I am quite honestly leaner and in better shape (minus injury) than before showdown last year. I have never worked so hard ever and I really really feeling like I had this! I “could” win! And then whammy! Hurt. It was probably not the weight or my form but because the holders on the squat rack were just a tiny bit too high and I was being cocky and I twisted to set the weight down (D’Oh!)

So now… The decision…

Do I….

A). Give up “this time” let myself heal and pick another comp in the fall

B). Keep going with the diet, add in my dreaded steady rate cardio that I hate and have avoided till I got hurt (which is ok and doesn’t hurt at all). And compete while doing doc approved “if it doesn’t hurt keep doing it exercised”?

I am completely torn

It’s been a very long prep, I want to dice head first into a bucket of sweet dark chocolate and red wine. But I also know I do NOT want to give up!

Did some reading and it seems I stand little to no risk of major muscle mass loss I. Just 2.5 weeks, and the doc swears I’ll be strutting by June 21. Problem: prep diet no fun when I don’t get to lift. And… I hate cardio. And… Grumpy hurt chic

Honest opinions please, what would you do?!?

Aka; help!

6 thoughts on “Need opinions? Is it possible?”

  1. My opinion, you are too close to back out now! All the more reason to be proud of how you show up on stage. Against all odds (much like how you’ve succeeded your whole life, or at least since I’ve know you.) From the research I’ve seen the chances of you loosing that much muscle mass in a couple of weeks is very unlikely, and honestly if you loose a 1/4″ from your arms, will that really be noticeable to the naked eye? Do what you can, you don’t need to go balls to the walls to maintain muscle, you just have to remind it that it’s still needed. If it’s soft tissue, work massage (you can do your own trigger point therapy if you can find your triggers) and stretch. It’s often something other than what hurts that’s causing the pain (much like your friend pointed out.) Stay motivated, work within your limitations, and do everything you can to show up to this competition in the best shape of your life even though you have this challenge. If for no other reason whatsoever, for the pride you’ll get for pushing through the tough time and giving it your best. Think of it this way, what would you regret more? Showing up and not placing as well as you’d like and wondering if the injury had something to do with it, or not showing up and wondering how you would have placed had you given it a try?

    All of that said, only you can know what’s best for YOU. And you should do what you think is the smartest, not me or anyone else.

    Good luck, so sorry to hear about the injury!


    1. Thanks Colin,

      As usual I am turning to my blogger friends to remind me why and what I can do! You always come through….
      Guess I’ll see how I am in the next couple days.

      In the meantime gotta go to bed… 5 am workout is getting close and this girl needs sleep!


    1. Thanks Baz, Shockingly I am feeling much better today. Still doing my best not to move around a whole lot. Doc said to avoid twisting… and I am probably taking that advice to the extreme but if it works and I have to stick to cardio this week and get my workouts back sometime next then I’m ok with that.


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