A Typical Day

I have made the decision to compete at UFE showdown.  That makes it roughly 80 days.  What I am going to attempt to do in the next 11 weeks is go from about 20% body fat to 10-12% bodyfat.  I figure there is no point in competing unless I can be better then my last competition.

A Typical Day

5:00 am.


Alarm goes off.  I get dressed, while stumbling around a dark bedroom.  Then I grab my gym bag and juggle cars in the single drive driveway.  I then drive to the gym and do an hour or so of weights.  20 – 25 minutes of cardio.

7:00 AM

I get back home from the gym.  By this time my sweetie has generally already left for work.  I clean up the kitchen from whatever mess is left from the night before, make the kids lunches, eat my breakfast, pack my food for the day (I generally take 5 meals to work… that’s allot of stuff to get organized)….  I then get the kids up feed them breakfast, make my bed, clean up my room, chase the kids around to get dressed and try and get them to tidy up their rooms.  Big kid leaves for high school.  I then get about 20 minutes to get cleaned up, changed and ready for work.

8:30 am
images (1)

Drive boo to school.   Drive to work which is at the absolutely other end of the city and get to work just for 9AM.  At 10 or so, I get meal #2 in.  At 1 I take a lunch.  Except because I only have about 30 minutes, I generally spend this running errands, after my lunch break I eat meal #3 at my desk.  At 3 or 3:30 I eat meal #4.

5:00 pm

I get done work and fight traffic home.  I usually end up stopping at the grocery store, gas station etc.

6:00 PM

Get home.  Sweetie likes to cook, not so much clean.  So by the time I get home from work my kids have been home for 2 hours making a mess and usually sweetie is cooking.  So I get home and eat meal #6, cleanup after sweetie, clean up after kids.  Do grade 9 homework, read stories with Boo.  Hopefully finally shower or bath (ya, there is NO time for that in the morning… body spray and deodorant is my friend!)

Around 8:30 Boo goes to bed.  This is when I load and run dishwashers, do laundry etc.


I am hopefully on my way to bed.  But unlike the boys in this house, first I have to wander around the house and pick up the mess, lock the doors, and turn off the lights.


I love my life! I really really do.  But I am forever hearing about people telling me that they do not have time, their kids are too important, they cannot fit it in etc.

Choose your priorities, if it is important, you will make time.  You can succeed.  In spite of how tough it seems some days I am soo proud of what I have accomplished.  This is my ME thing.  This is what makes me happy and proud.

So… What is your excuse






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