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Squat Evaluation and Other Glute Building Exercises


The general consensus for bodybuilders and weight lifters is that FROM (Full Range of Motion Squats) are the better than PROM (Partial range of motion) squats.  A study conducted by *The Journal of Strength and Conditioning researched the two and found the following:


Partial range of motion squats found that force and power were greater.  PROM Squats can be beneficial to athletes that do not require full range of motion for their sport in other words you can move more weight by using partial movement (no big surprise there).


Full range of motion squats are defined as squats where you’re hips become parallel with your knees or lower.  The study found that speed and total work performed was greater in FROM squats.  Concluding that Full range of motion may require an athlete to use lighter weights then with Partial Range of Motion squats but that these squats were better for overall conditioning as well as body composition.

My personal experience is that there are times that both are useful.  Since my injury a couple of months ago READ HERE I have found back loaded squats near impossible, I still do them.  I have been doing partial movements though while lifting heavy, and so far can only do FROM squats with about 20lbs loaded, working slowly towards my body weight (again).  Going as deep as I can.  I have also put an emphasis on front loaded squats which while much lighter I can achieve FROM.  I have also been experimenting with other exercises to throw into my Bum Building repertoire and have a few absolute favorites.  (This does not extinguish the need to keep up with the big booty building moves of squats, deadlifts and lunges.  But switching things up and adding things in makes working out far more fun)


Sumo Squats
Target: Inner Thighs and Glutes

Place a dumbbell on end between you’re feet.  Stand with feet pointing out and knees slightly further then shoulder width apart.  Squat down keeping you’re back as straight as you can and pick up the dumbbell by one end and stand.  Lower the dumbbell back until it just touches the floor before standing again.

Kickbacks (Also called “Donkey Kicks”)
Target: Hip Flexors, Quadriceps, Glutes and Core

These can be done with or without weight or apparatus.  I personally do them utilizing the smith machine at my gym but you could just as easily do them with cables, or ankle weights.  Set the bar on the smith to the lowest point, kneel on all fours with your feet able to comfortably push up and back on the bar of the smith, switch legs and repeat.  Warning doing these will definitely make you walk funny the next day.  I’ve worked up to 2-25lb plates and will be aiming for 2-35lb plates this weekend.

Curtsy Lunges
Target: Glutes and Adductors

This is exactly what it sounds like.  Think back to some old movie like Gone with the Wind, where gentlemen bowed and ladies curtsied.  Except replace the white gloves and corsets with gym clothes and barbells.  Normally when you lunge your leading leg should be slightly out and toe pointed out (this is a very commonly badly performed exercise).  In this case you are going to lunge with your legs almost crossed.  Want that nice round look on your tush?  Give these a shot.

Hip Thrust or Glute Bridge
Target: Glutes and Core

These can be performed a few ways and there are variations.  Beginners may want to start with only body weight (lie on a mat knees bent, thrust hips into the air with shoulders still on matt) slightly more difficult do the same thing and extend one leg out straight, or my personal favorite is to sit on a bench, rest a barbell (currently I do these with 70 lbs) and step off the bench until you’re shoulders are resting on the bench with the barbell resting across your hips.  Lower you’re backside to the floor, and raise back up to flat again, keeping your knees at a 90 degree angle.  (Little trick: when you’re finished sit on the floor and tilt the barbell upright in order to get up from these)