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Flu Season Gym Etiquette

Its that time of year again.  I just got over a bought of the flu that lasted almost 2 weeks and lead to all kinds of yuck.   While I know how I got the bug (thanks honey)  it got me thinking about the gym when you are sick, slightly sick or down right ill.

Hygiene All the Time

I am always very conscious of hygiene at the gym.  Doubly so lately considering all of the news coverage of the Ebola Virus suddenly having me becoming a hypochondriac.  I don’t think you need to walk around with a mask or in a bubble.  However some basics things definitely help with keeping the bugs at bay.  The biggest one for me is hand washing.  I wash my hands before every workout and right after every workout.  I also make a very concerted effort to not touch my face at all during a workout.  If I have to cough, its into my arm.  If I need to wipe at a stray hair on my forehead, same thing.  Be smart.  Wiping down machines is more than just courtesy and if you or somebody in your house may be ill or at risk, wipe down the handles, pins etc as well.


When to workout.

If you have a mild cold or bug.  I’m talking a little bit of the sniffles or a slight cough, by all means sweat it out.  But remember that if you’re body is already fighting a bug, lifting heavy weights means it will also be trying to repair itself, which could worsen your symptoms or prolong you’re illness.  If you’re sick and germy it may be best to just stay home.

If you have a fever – DO NOT GO TO THE GYM

You’re not only putting yourself at risk but you are risking the health of everybody else in the gym.  Stay home, sleep, heal and return to you’re lifting when you’re healthy.



I have done lots of research on vitamins and most studies show that increased Vitamin D during the colder months along with vitamin B are incredibly successful in fighting off those pesky germs.



Today’s Butt Blasting Workout

My Favorite Day of the week is LEG DAY.

This mornings workout.  Try it and let me know how you feel.


15 Reps @ 80 lbs
12 Reps @ 90lbs10 Reps @ 100lbs
2 sets of 6 Reps @ 110lbs

Hip Thrusts
15 Reps @ 60 lbs12 Reps @ 70 lbs
10 Reps @ 80 lbs
8 Reps @ 90 lbs

Walking Lunges
3 sets of 30 steps @ 60 lbs

Front Squats
12 Reps @ 70 lbs
10 Reps @ 80 lbs
8 Reps @ 90 lbs

Calf Press
4 sets of 12 @ 180 lbs on the leg press machine

Leg Press
4 sets of 10 @ 180 lbs

Hip Abduction & Hip Adduction
Did this on each machine…
12 Reps @ 90 lbs10 Reps @ 100 lbs
8 Reps @ 110 lbs

Leg Raises
Tried a new machine for these (I don’t use alot of machines… it was ok, but I think I’ll stick with cables)
Each Leg
2 Sets 12 Reps @ 55 lbs
2 sets 10 Reps @ 60 lbs

And for fun, I did 150 situps on a decline bench with a 25 lb plate and 4 sets of 6 chinups


Signs you’re a bodybuilding competitor


1. You have more selfies in your phone then a 14 year old girl…..

photoWe call it “checking progress”


2. You have an entire drawer / cupboard full of vitamins, supplements and protein powder….

military-amateur-roberta-hatch_hIts necessary

3. You’re fridge is full of spinach, fish and an assortment of tupperware containers….

LEftovers-in-frig-jepge-225x300We really only cook once or twice a week.  Its called food prep.

4.  You have more stretchy pants, tank tops and running shoes then you do work clothes….

c7b417b911dfae4fde346c7abd4395b7You may also occasionally try and figure out how you can wear the gym clothes at work.  Its just easier.

5.  You’re Facebook feed, blog, etc is full of other people who lift…

rottenecard_59569040_fysbfxf7ccthere’s probably also some friends that post stuff like “I don’t care you went to the gym”  pfffttt… surround yourself with like minded people.

6.   At the gym you can pick out the newbies and cardio queens in less than 5 seconds.

imagesYou also may start to do this in every day life like at the grocery store, when people have a cart full of chicken and green stuff you wanna give them a fist bump

7.   You’re iPod is full of “motivational” music.

images (1)Like “Work Bitch”  and “99 problems”  you also occasionally think you’re a 20 year old thug while lifting.