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shhhhh….. its a secret!

Shhhh… Its a secret!


I have talked many times about how to track progress.  Except I’ve never out loud told anyone how i track it almost daily.  No!  I do not get on a scale.  Do not even own one to be honest (it stopped working and I threw it out)  besides that I don’t really care how much I weigh.  I focus on things like how my clothes fit, progress pictures and weather I can see lines in my tummy… oh ya, that’s the secret!



You know when you’re a kid and you let it all hang out?!?!

That's baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!
That’s baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!


Sooo, as we get older and more concerned with our appearance we all learn to suck it in.  Even those that are severely out of shape suck it in.  Those of us trying really hard and working out work our core muscles to make sure it stays in.  Does’nt change that you can still let it all hang out.


So, what’s the secret.  When I let it out…. in the mirror every morning that’s my measurement right now.  The day I can “let it out” and still see all 6 abs will be the day I’m satisfied.


So.  What’s your dirty little secret?