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Lose the scale

Lose the Scale….
ways to tell you’re moving in the right direction

When I decided in November of 2011 to get fit, I vowed to lose 30lbs by January 1.  I made it.  I was also weighing myself every other day.  I was obsessed with what the scale said.  Weather it was the wrong time of the month didn’t matter to me… I was focused on that evil little white box that sat in my bathroom.  I actually weighed myself more than once a day at times.  And, what I found is that sooo many things went into how much I weighed.

Day 1 November 18, 2011
Day 1 November 18, 2011


January 1, 2012.  30 lbs later
January 1, 2012. 30 lbs later

Sometime in the spring of 2012 the scale started going up, rather steadily.  I knew that my clothes fit better, and I knew that I felt good.  However it was a brain melt to see that scale go up.  So, I threw it out.  I only weigh myself now about every 6 months and I can’t say as I care what it even says.

Clothes used to be my nemesis.  I had no idea how to dress my curvy frame.  When all of a sudden size 14 was snug and I was faced with needing to shop at the “big girl” store.  I refused.  If you’re clothes fit well, or are getting lose.  That’s a great thing.
Case in point.  This morning at the gym my size xs gym pants (purchased for$4 at goodwill)  when I went to put my iPhone in the waist band, it kept falling…. like sliding down my leg.  This is amazing!


That's me... Boo and allot of boo
That’s me… Boo and allot of boo

When you grew up with an optimistic B cup, I thought I always wanted boobs.  I used to actually research breast augmentation.  After Boo was born and I gained weight, my bra cup went to a DD.  It was probably more than that, but again, standard stores that’s the biggest they carry… they were insane.  Walking down stairs in the morning required a bra.  I was thrilled when they started to shrink and loved when they got small again.  I also am a huge advocate of chest day because it really is a natural boob job.  I nursed two babies and beat breast cancer.  I am 34 and my boobs if I do say so myself are fabulous!  I now own bra’s that are actually too big.  I only own and wear about two bras.  Time to go shopping.

When you lose weight, you may not see it, as its little bit by little bit every day.  You see yourself every day and its tough to see the changes.  However, you’re friends will!  Learn to take a compliment.

Progress Pictures

November 18 2011-2012-2013
November 18

This is something that really kept me motivated and accountable.  Taking weekly or bi-weekly pictures will give you an instant bump to stay on track.

You’re weight may stay the same but you’re measurements will change.  Keep a log monthly of where you are.  I’ve also heard of allot of people that use a piece of string or ribbon for each body part, and then cut off the piece that’s too long every week.  Keep them in a jar and you have a visual reminder of how much you lose.


Most importantly, as long as you feel good, you look good.  A smile is the best accessory.