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no makeup selfies… from a survivors

Everywhere I look there are women posting no makeup selfies….


This is a not to a european ad campain to raise awareness for cancer research to raise awareness for cancer research.  I give a huge nod to anyone willing to take a pic of themselves with no makeup.  I give a nod to anyone willing to put themselves out there.

The point of these pictures is being lost.  It is to raise awareness of those who have dealt with cancer.  Those that have gone through radiation, chemo, multiple drug therapies, those who’s hair has fallen out, who’s limbs do not work or you have lost them.  Those that have been through hell and back and still faced the world with the gumption that only a survivor can.


Here is my challenge. Tomorrow I will post my link to the relay for life. I do this fundraiser ever year.  This year I lost Lissa.  She was amazing. She lived through a very rare type of cancer, lost both of her legs,   she was “cured”  but dealt with things like her tear ducts did not work years later…. she was vibrant, amazing, she was a fabulous mother, she was an amazing wife and if nothing else, she was the most positive person I have ever met.  She passed away two weeks ago.  This year I will walk because I can, this year I will walk in her memory, this year I will walk…. 12 hours.  I challenge every one of my followers to donate $10 minimum to cancer research, please share them with me at onefitmamacanada@gmail.com.  If and when I get 100 responses I will post my own no make up selfie.


Please support the cause.  Please donate so we can end this terrible disease.  Donate because you can.  Donate because you should.  Donate and support an amazing cause.




Love you… now do it for the right reason.


One fit mama