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Every Gym Has Them

Every gym has them.  Next time you’ve turned on your beast mode and in between sets see if you can pick out the characters that exist in every gym I’ve ever frequented.

muscle head


The Little Old Lady


I have seen a few incarnations of this.  At the first gym I frequented there was a lady in her 60’s.  She was only about five feet tall with white curly hair, she came to the gym, and danced her butt off while popping off squats, pull ups and push ups.  This is the lady I want to be one day.  She made even the big muscley guys stop and stare.  She was amazing!

The other common little old lady is a lady in her 70’s or more, she usually has a trainer and is in there doing her thing.  The current little old lady at my gym has a walker, and the trainer helps her from machine to machine.  Give her props – She’s doing it!

The Big Guy


The big guy, lifts heavy, is usually a little older, He’s strong, and has big guns.  However, he is not really “fit” to look at.  He’s a perpetual bulker, the big guy is sometimes combined with the guy who only does upper body, and probably wears a weight belt.

The Grunter & Slammer


Yes, I know and I even do it, the last couple of reps and you end up grunting to get er done.  That’s not what I mean here.  I am talking about the person who grunts and swears through every rep of every set no matter what the weight, it could be their warm up, or there heaviest personal best, they grunt through every single rep.  And usually drop their weights and leave them where they drop.

The Twit
gym bimbo

The twit can also be known as the bimbo.  She shows up wearing perfectly matched outfits that are more expensive then your rent.  She also wears full makeup, does her hair and usually wears earrings.  She spends half her time checking herself out in the mirrors, and the other half squatting with light weights and hitting on the guys.

The Guy Who Thinks He Used to Work Out


I’ve dated this guy.  In both forms.  Either its a guy who is dating a girl who lifts and wants her to think that he used to work out.   Reality is there is no proof of this.  Take him to the gym and he has no clue.  Or he’s there, an “expert” but obviously has no clue.



Any other obvious ones at your gym?