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One Fit Mama Re-Enters Cyberspace

I am the former writer of http://www.mamaisfit.wordpress.com. Because of alot of personal crap I went off the web for a couple of months, WordPress will not let me re-instate my old web address so I have started this new one.

I would like to happily report that said “crap” has been dealt with. I have moved back to my home town, started a new career and am happily and healthily on my way to being One Happy Fit Mama.

Little update. June 2013 I competed in my second UFE Bodybuilding competition in the fitness model category this time. I am sad to say that I did not place as well as I would have liked, but that was’nt the point. I was so happy with how I looked and more importantly how I felt. The absolute best part of competitions? All of the amazingly positive people you meet doing them!

bikinifitnessmodel fitnessmodel


That being said I regretfully took almost two months off after my last competition due to well… stressful life. Not to be deterred I am back in the gym with a vengence, working to get back my PB’s and happily feeling fabulous!


Just wanted to post a quick, Hi and I missed you! Lots more coming soon.

Keep Smiling,

One Fit Mama