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And now we panic!

Seems every contest prep something happens and I panic.

Well, right on schedule at 3.5 weeks to my competition.  I am Paniced!!!

I have every reason to be.  And even though I know I can pull this together, I’m still a little freaked out.  On Sunday I was happily at the gym, pushing through an amazing leg work… or at least the first 25 minutes of one.  Pushed myself, and was about to boast about finally doing more than body weight squats without the help of the smith machine when all of a sudden I had awful pain in my chest, on my right side.  Like hurt to breath ouch pain… I walked around for a bit, attempted to stretch and it did’nt go away.  A friend later filled me in that its likely my lat, which I did’nt realize hurt until he said something.  But then all of a sudden not only did my right side chest, and side hurt but also my right upper back.  OK… Stay somewhat calm, give it a couple of days and see how it goes.  Except that’s not really what I did.  I proceeded to sulk, give up and then ate at my moms for dinner (not MY food – her yummy food!).  Pain stuck around Monday so no workout.  Monday evening sat around in the lounge chair outside.  Just before bed I felt terrible, thought I was getting sick and realized by last night that its hay fever.  Full blown god awful allergy hay fever so that I can’t breath, my eyes are watering, my nose is clogged and I have this awful dry cough which is not doing much for my sore chest / back.  Barely slept last night,  Did manage to go to the gym this morning.  However outside of majorly air conditioned spaces I am basically non-functional.  To top it off, I’ve been taking naproxen for my back and allergy meds and I look like a blimp.  Could also be that its just about that lovely time of the month or as I heard it referred to on the radio this morning “shark week”  UGH.  Either way, paniced to an extreme.


I’ve looked into opting out, researched things I do not believe in like “juice cleanses” and basically been looking for a quick fix, all while eating tilapia every 2 hours, and drinking even more water than normal in an attempt to lose the bloat.


So there’s the truth.  Prep Blows!  I want wine.  And a cheese burger.  But instead I’m going to eat this tilapia and keep my fingers and toes crossed!