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Do What Works For You

Too often lately I have seen posts bashing IIFYM (If it fits your macros)  vs Clean Eating and strict dieting.


If following a strict diet works for you… do it.

If tracking macros and making pop tarts fit them works for you… do it.

Too often lately I have seen posts bashing Cross fit or military training vs Traditional weight lifting or bodybuilding


If doing HIIT accompanied by monkey bars and rope climbing works for you… do it

If doing traditional sets, drop sets and weights focused on contraction works for you… do it.


Too often lately I have seen things bashing the girl that wears lipstick to the gym… “because she is obviously just looking to pick up”


If you want to wear lipstick because being surrounded by meat heads and mirrors it makes you feel good… do it.

If you want to roll out of bed and go to the gym… do it.


Its supposed to be about what works for you.  Because lets face it.  You go to the gym for you!  Weather it is because of health, beauty, strength… you are there to better yourself.  Do what works for you!  And please stop bashing others who are trying to better themselves.  Everybody starts somewhere.


Happy 3 Year Gym Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary in the Gym.

They say that it takes consistency for 21 days to form a habit.  Doing something for 21 days straight makes it an ingrained habit.  That was my thinking on November 18, 2011 when I joined the gym.  Goal 1 was 30 lbs by New Year’s Eve, to accomplish that goal, I would spend a minimum of 1 hour a day at the gym working out, I also changed my diet drastically.  And January 1, 2012.  I hit my goal.

No, I have not worked out 7 days a week for the past 3 years.  There are times I am there 5 times a week, and others seven.  There have been whole months where I let it slide and just quit going.  However I always go back and I have to say I am very consistent.  I know that my well-being is much better when I spend time on me, and my “me” time involved some serious heavy metal.

That being said, I am into “B-O-D-Y-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G” and that means the longer, more often and heavier you lift consistently the more you can change your body.

The picture on the left is November 18 2011, as you can see I won’t even look in the mirror, looking back I wish I’d taken one head on so you could really see what I was dealing with.

Second picture was a year later.  As you can see a lot had changed.  I was beginning to get ready for the first competition I would do in April 2012.

Third Picture was 2 years in the gym November 18, 2013.  2 years of lifting, clean eating, and having competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions.


Today’s photo.  Well 3 years later.  All of that hard work has definitely made a difference in this Mama.  It’s never too late to change your life


To every one of my readers, friends, and especially my family that have supported me through this crazy journey, both the ups and the downs I want to say THANK YOU.  There have been days I just want to say enough is enough, I’m going to eat the cheesecake like everybody else.  And there are days when I have.  But those days are the exception, or a planned treat.  I wake up every morning and lift, I am proud of my strength, proud of my accomplishments and very happy with the way life has turned out.  I couldn’t of done it without you.

Are You Going To Win?


I get asked this all the time.  Most recently by my friends over at www.transformationpics.com.  Also by friends, other competitors and complete strangers.  Just because I do body building competitions many people seem to think “winning” is easy.  I have not placed top 10 in the two shows I have done.  But winning is easy.  I win all the time.  I win by looking the best I have ever looked.  I win by having the guts to get on stage next to the fittest of the fit and looking and feeling great.  I win by knowing that the changes I have made in my lifestyle mean that I will be here for my children, their children and seeing as I had Big Kid at 20, likely my great grandchildren.  That’s winning!  I win and celebrate every time I lift heavier, beat a PB (Personal Best… I’m putting this in cause for a long time I didn’t know what that was and I was too shy to ask 😉

For me, I will not get on stage, unless I look and feel better than I did at my last competition.  Every single time you work out, the longer you work out, the harder you work out adds muscle, definition and form to your body.  I have two and half years of serious muscle built up now.  I cannot wait till show day.


Live and Learn

There are very few that can get on stage and win their first competition.  Just having the nerve to put on one of those itsy bitsy suits let along be judged and critiqued on your body is one major accomplishment.  There are oodles of people that get discouraged because they did not do as well as they thought they should have and never compete again.  I am not one of those.  My first show, I learned that even though I had heard it a hundred times, I needed major work on posing.  I also learned how a show is run, and I learned that even though I get nervous, I like being on stage.


My second show I realized that while I spent a lot of time on my appearance, there are some things that need to be “perfect”.  Hair and makeup seem like a silly thing to spend time on when you’re being judged on your physique.  These shows are a bit of a beauty pageant after all.  This time, I’m going to spend the money on pro makeup and hair.  I also learned that things like you’re suit, should not be “different”… I love my suits, but sometimes you have to go along with the crowd, there’s a reason certain color are popular, because they look better on stage…


Competition are Subjective

You could do one show and place first, and do another and not even make top 10 and do the exact same as you did at the first show and look better.  This is a subjective sport.  Different judges see and judge different ways.  Some of the girls I competed with at my first competition also competed at my second.  At the first show they placed top 10, and then did not place at the second show.  Most looked far better in my books at the second show.  However, it depends who is there, who your competitors are, who bring it that day, who the judges are.  Etc.  I actually placed better my second show then my first, just not top 10.


So yes, I plan on winning!

Random Thoughts… By Fit Mama



Random Thoughts By Fit Mama

5 Things Friday1507188_10152385181191111_195242021_n

Life’s Good… Enjoy it!

We are all so busy all of the time.  My sweetie is always apologizing because we either have my kids, his kids, or one of us is working crazy hours and we don’t always get a chance to get out of do things together.  In past relationships this used to bug me big time.  Reality is…. I love just spending time.   He’s funny, cuddly and sweet.  My boys are always busy.  Between friends, school work, activities and then throw in workouts for me and working… life’s nuts.  Some of my most favorite times are just cuddled up on the couch watching a movie or sitting around watching them play.  Things go bad, we all have stressors.  Lord knows two years of looking for solid employment wreaked havoc on the finances.  But it will all get worked out eventually.  Don’t let you’re stress make you miss the fun stuff.

I have perpetual timing problems

Doo Hicky Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/
Doo Hicky
Courtesy of: http://juniorsautomotive.ca/

My car’s timing belt, blew up or something.  Thankful that sweetie is a mechanic and can fix it.  This has now happened on pretty much every car I’ve ever had.  He assures me its not my fault, but I still feel bad.  Its bad timing.

Competition Decisions


Have’nt been made.  I was going to compete at Spring Bash in April.  Fortunately I got a job end of January, however because I was not in the swing of 5am workouts anymore I decided not to do the April show.  I do not regret it since for 2 of the last 3 weeks I had a flu that turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and chest infection…. in short, I felt like poo.  I generally eat healthy, but when you’re that sick and nothing sounds good, I ate junk.  Oh well.   Thinking about the June Showdown which is in my home town and where I live now!  Woo Hoo!  Need to decide soon cause there’s alot of work to be done.  See #4

Skin Sucks

He's just Cute
He’s just Cute

I’ve posted before about my thoughts on plastic surgery. … or more specifically fake boobs and the fitness industry.  However there is one surgery I would LOVE.  A Tummy tuck!  I’m pretty lucky to have had two beautiful boys, gained massive amounts of weight and lost it and have virtually no stretch marks.  However, I absolutely hate the whole bull dog thing that happens when you go to say do planks.   Stand up, see lines, go horizontal and there is just way too much skin there.  I ever win the lottery it will happen.  No idea why its bothering me so much more lately, but it is.  Could be the 35th birthday looming in a month or so.

My New Gym Rocks

Had enough of goodlife, or could be that I did’nt like the one I went to once I came home.  Either way we joined Anytime Fitness.  Its small, same company as Worlds Gyms.  The one I frequent is virtually brand new, incredibly clean…. and full of cardio bunnies.  Love that.  Most AM workouts are me and the weights with nobody else in site.  AWESOME


no makeup selfies… from a survivors

Everywhere I look there are women posting no makeup selfies….


This is a not to a european ad campain to raise awareness for cancer research to raise awareness for cancer research.  I give a huge nod to anyone willing to take a pic of themselves with no makeup.  I give a nod to anyone willing to put themselves out there.

The point of these pictures is being lost.  It is to raise awareness of those who have dealt with cancer.  Those that have gone through radiation, chemo, multiple drug therapies, those who’s hair has fallen out, who’s limbs do not work or you have lost them.  Those that have been through hell and back and still faced the world with the gumption that only a survivor can.


Here is my challenge. Tomorrow I will post my link to the relay for life. I do this fundraiser ever year.  This year I lost Lissa.  She was amazing. She lived through a very rare type of cancer, lost both of her legs,   she was “cured”  but dealt with things like her tear ducts did not work years later…. she was vibrant, amazing, she was a fabulous mother, she was an amazing wife and if nothing else, she was the most positive person I have ever met.  She passed away two weeks ago.  This year I will walk because I can, this year I will walk in her memory, this year I will walk…. 12 hours.  I challenge every one of my followers to donate $10 minimum to cancer research, please share them with me at onefitmamacanada@gmail.com.  If and when I get 100 responses I will post my own no make up selfie.


Please support the cause.  Please donate so we can end this terrible disease.  Donate because you can.  Donate because you should.  Donate and support an amazing cause.




Love you… now do it for the right reason.


One fit mama


Food for thought

Transformation Tuesday My Bum

Here’s my tuesday brain fart…..

1.  If you lift….just lift

nobody gets it.  The ones that do have no say in your life though they should.  The ones that make life difficult or think they have a say don’t get it

2. You will never be happy with how you look if you have competed

Once you have gone through weeks if not months of dieting hard and working out and look you’re best.  Unless you are about to go through “it” again you will never look like that…. Thus you’re best becomes unattainable in daily life.  Be prepared to not be happy looking in the mirror

3.  Men and ex’s don’t get it.

He will think you did what you did to spite / get him back / make him jealous.

He will never understand it was for you and you did it cause you could.  Regardless, be prepared for backlash of going from fat to fit after.  It pisses them off.

4.  Children are a result of both parents

No matter what you do, how you do it or you’re best intentions….. the other parent can screw up you’re kid no matter what.  Seek help.  Now.

5. You’re not super mom

you are’nt.  You may have the cape and the heels but really.  Do the best you can with what you have and hope for the best.  Its all anyone can do.  Love you’re children. Make the best choices you can and everyone elses’ comments and opinions be damned.


Proclaiming this WTF almost Wednesday

Signs you’re a bodybuilding competitor


1. You have more selfies in your phone then a 14 year old girl…..

photoWe call it “checking progress”


2. You have an entire drawer / cupboard full of vitamins, supplements and protein powder….

military-amateur-roberta-hatch_hIts necessary

3. You’re fridge is full of spinach, fish and an assortment of tupperware containers….

LEftovers-in-frig-jepge-225x300We really only cook once or twice a week.  Its called food prep.

4.  You have more stretchy pants, tank tops and running shoes then you do work clothes….

c7b417b911dfae4fde346c7abd4395b7You may also occasionally try and figure out how you can wear the gym clothes at work.  Its just easier.

5.  You’re Facebook feed, blog, etc is full of other people who lift…

rottenecard_59569040_fysbfxf7ccthere’s probably also some friends that post stuff like “I don’t care you went to the gym”  pfffttt… surround yourself with like minded people.

6.   At the gym you can pick out the newbies and cardio queens in less than 5 seconds.

imagesYou also may start to do this in every day life like at the grocery store, when people have a cart full of chicken and green stuff you wanna give them a fist bump

7.   You’re iPod is full of “motivational” music.

images (1)Like “Work Bitch”  and “99 problems”  you also occasionally think you’re a 20 year old thug while lifting.


shhhhh….. its a secret!

Shhhh… Its a secret!


I have talked many times about how to track progress.  Except I’ve never out loud told anyone how i track it almost daily.  No!  I do not get on a scale.  Do not even own one to be honest (it stopped working and I threw it out)  besides that I don’t really care how much I weigh.  I focus on things like how my clothes fit, progress pictures and weather I can see lines in my tummy… oh ya, that’s the secret!



You know when you’re a kid and you let it all hang out?!?!

That's baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!
That’s baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!


Sooo, as we get older and more concerned with our appearance we all learn to suck it in.  Even those that are severely out of shape suck it in.  Those of us trying really hard and working out work our core muscles to make sure it stays in.  Does’nt change that you can still let it all hang out.


So, what’s the secret.  When I let it out…. in the mirror every morning that’s my measurement right now.  The day I can “let it out” and still see all 6 abs will be the day I’m satisfied.


So.  What’s your dirty little secret?


2 Year Anniversary in the Gym


November 18 2011-2012-2013
November 18

November 18, 2011.

Early 2012.
Early 2012.

I woke up one morning and was unhappy, over weight and down right miserable.  An on again off again relationship I would deal with for years was off for the first time, I was an unhappy over weight single mother of two.  I was drinking too much wine, eating the wrong kinds of foods and very unhappy.  So, I decided to join the gym.  I had been fit once upon a time in my early 20’s, and knew that weights were the way to go.  So, I got a membership and dedicated one hour a day for 3 months to the gym.  I used mostly machines, and did allot of core work as my number one goal was to have a 6 pack.  I cleaned up my diet, and cut out the red wine.  I lost 30 lbs by January 1st.  I never looked back!


November 18, 2012.

This was 11 weeks to the competition I wanted to do in 2012.
This was 11 weeks to the competition I wanted to do in 2012.

I survived my first bought with breast cancer that first year.  I had picked a competition on November 11th of that year but due to the side effects and stress of my illness I put off competing.  I was thinner and healthier and I still believe that if I had not decided to change my life my illness could have been much worse, and possibly not found until much later.    In May of 2012 I wrote my first Blog Post at onefitmama.wordpress.com (the sites not up any more replaced now by this one!).  I met wonderfully supportive people and learned soo much about diet, fitness, weights and clean living.  I handled stress better and was much happier.  I started hiking, learned that I didn’t hate running and was training for my first bikini competition.


November 18, 2013.

April 2012 Bikini Competition
April 2012 Bikini Competition

In April I competed in my first bodybuilding competition!  I placed almost last but I didn’t care.  I did it to show that I could do it, so that I could stand up beside the fittest of the fit and feel amazing!  I got my personal training certification, started helping others to achieve their own goals and…. competed again in June.  This time as a fitness model.

I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers, competitors and new friends I have made through fitness.  I can honestly say that this will be a way of life forever for me.  Thank you to everyone who has supported

June 2012 - Fitness Model Competition
June 2012 – Fitness Model Competition

me along the way.  Listened to me wine when I couldn’t help it, offered me amazing advice and cheered me on either through support or just by being incredibly positive influences!

Brain F!CK$%

I know I hav’ent been writing all that fitness related articles since restarting my blog recently.  I’ve actually had a hard time coming up with ideas.  I had thought to re-post allot of my old articles and while I know I saved them somewhere am having a hard time digging them up.

Last year this time I had a million things to write about.  This year, I feel like I have nothing to share even though I know way more than I did a year ago.  Two thoughts on this.  1.  I am losing my edge or just plain losing it.  2.  The more I know the less questions I have and thus the less things to ask others about.


Here’s a mind F!CK for the night.  I have been working out 5-6 days a week for months, since the move back to my home town.  I am not eating as “clean” as I should.  Quite honestly I am eating badly.  Too few calories,mostly the right type of macros.  However, I look in the mirror and sometimes think “good job”  and other times think “ugh, you look awful”.  However tonight I put on a nightgown that I don’t often wear.  Its pretty and frilly.  There is nobody to see it, but it makes me feel good.  However when I bought it, I couldn’t do it up.  During my leanest in June for the UFE Showdown I could do up one button of two.  Tonight I put it on and it does up and is lose.  Yet I do not see it right now.  I feel very out of shape regardless of hitting my PB’S at the gym, fitting into smaller clothing I do not feel fit.


I totally know that its a mental thing.  I know I am not eating properly and stress is getting to me, and I also know I should see that I am leaner then before but I don’t.  For years when I was heavy I dressed like I was thin.  When I got thin (again)  I dressed like I was heavy.  I am completely aware this is some sort of psychological brain fart going on in my female mind but REALLY:?!?  Ugh.  I like to think that I have it together yet I constantly catch myself in the barbie doll mentality


Anyone else?