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Tips and Tricks on Handling Stress

The past week has been extremely stressful on a personal level.  I am not going to air my laundry on here but I will tell you its tough when you’re world gets dumped on its head.  In the past (like more than 3 years ago)  I would have eaten a tub of ice cream, drank too much red wine and essentially fallen apart while watching shitty TV or listening to music while cleaning my house at all kinds of weird hours of the day.  I still clean when stressed, it’s a great way to do something that accomplishes a task all the while taking the stress off of actually thinking about whatever the issue is and allowing your thoughts to take shape.


Here’s my biggest ticks and trips to stay sane during stressful times.

  1. Stick to your routine
    If you always get up early and go to the gym, keep doing that.  If you always have a bath before bed keep doing that.  No matter what you’re daily activities and schedule looks like stick to what you’re used to.  This keeps things “normal” for you and those around you.
  1. Eat Healthy
    I tend to lose my appetite all together when emotionally upset. I know others do the exact opposite.  Having a treat or indulgence is one thing, eating crap all day long day in and day out is not going to make you feel better.   Bad for you food makes you feel tired and possibly guilt.  Don’t add extra stress to your plate.
  2. Workout
    So, seeing as I compete and my solace time is the gym, this one could just be taken as a personal preference. However I would suggest that even if you do not work out, now is the time to add some exercise to your routine.  Go for a walk, take a class, go lift.  The last week or so I have taken more walks “just because” then I have in months.  And they helped.  It gave me a short break from dwelling on what was going on, and while I walked the fresh air and exercise helped to put me in a better mood.
  3. Sleep
    this is another one that tends to elude me during stressful times. I am one of those dreamers that if something is on my mind then it will turn into a nightmare or restless sleep.  I already get up very early to go to the gym, so messing with my sleep is awful.  However warm baths, turning off the electronics and when necessary a drop of melatonin do wonders.  I may not be getting as much sleep as I usually do, but I am getting sleep.
  4. Be nice to yourself
    Even if you are the cause of whatever is stressing you out. It’s good to be nice to yourself.  Forgive yourself, ask forgiveness of someone if it’s needed.  Take a break, buy yourself some flowers, and get your nails done.  Whatever it is that works for you and makes you feel happier.

Any other tips and tricks for managing a stressful period?