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Cutting Diet 7.5 Weeks to UFE Showdown

7.5 Weeks to Bikini / Fitness Model Competition

UFE Showdown
Centennial Hall London Ontario
Competing: Masters (35+) Fitness Model & Masters (35+) Bikini
June 21, 2014
Height: 5’8”
Current Weight 136 lbs

I get asked this all of the time.  My last two shows I played with my diet just about weekly to figure out what was working and what was not.  Problem was that I also was not sticking to it routinely, was not sticking with and generally just flip flopped through it.  Thought I would be very open about what I am eating this time around.  Please note, that I am not a nutritionist, and this is only what is working for me currently.  It gets re-evaluated if I hit a plateau, or about every 3 weeks.  This occasionally includes upping carbs, or fats for a few days, upping calories or adding cardio (trying really hard not to do that).  It is also not good for your metabolism to eat below maintenance levels for extended periods of time.  This diet is to prepare for a bodybuilding competition and is extreme.  At this point I also am still indulging in a cheat night every week because it is not hindering my progress.  I am actually ahead of my planned schedule.

Weeks 12 to Current I ate 1500 calories a day and lost approximately 7 lbs.

7.5 Weeks Out this is what I am eating.
I work out fasted first thing in the morning for an hour.  The only cardio I am doing is active rest periods of 60 seconds jumping rope.