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The scarecrow ” I haven’t got a brain”

No Carb Brain

Competition prep means functioning on less carbohydrates than is normal, even for somebody that eats less carbohydrates than the average person normally.   Normally I would caution to balance the lower carbohydrate intake with a higher healthy fat intake.  However during contest preparation not only do you limit the amount and types of carbohydrates you also start lowering fats, yes even most good ones.

This results in a bit of “scatter brain”

The only thing I can aptly relate this too is a non-pregnancy version of Baby Brain.
For any of the mothers out there that have had children, you probably remember the 6-8 months right after your child was born.  You were likely getting minimal amounts of REM sleep, waking up every couple of hours, and walking around zombie like.  On top of that you had what is known as “baby brain” The ability to completely forget things, be slightly out of it, and otherwise feel and behave not as sharp as usual.

In the case of No-Carb brain, silly me spouted off a week or so ago that I was not suffering from no-carb brain.  However as of this week it has apparently caught up to me.  When I got home last night I realized I was wearing two different mix-matched earrings.  If these were small earrings it might not have been so bad.  In my case, one was a small silver hoop the other was about a 6 times larger kind of sparkly hoop.  Ahhh… don’t remember that one!

Today.  Half way through the afternoon I finally noticed that I had my blouse on inside out – yep!  Since this morning.


This leaves me wondering if my lovely co-workers noticed and thought perhaps I was “kookie” or perhaps had a fling in the car on my way into work this morning… and were just too polite to say anything, or if I actually got away un-noticed.  Note to self.  Better start making silly lists of things to double check in the morning.

  1.  Is my underwear under my clothes?
  2. Do shoes, earrings, etc. match?
  3. Keys, wallet, phone?
  4. Food for the day?
  5. Do I look like a clown and / or hot mess?