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Outgrew the nickname… not the reason for it.

When I was in my teens I belonged to a youth group.  I was aptly nicknamed “gimpy” after participating in the “Olympics” weekend.  That weekend I managed to accumulate more bruises than most people get in a week.  I also may have tripped over my own two feet more than once.


Just once I would like to go through a prep period without a sickness or an injury!

My original show I wanted to do was in November 2012.  I started prepping for it the spring before.  And… then I was diagnosed, had surgery and had to take a month out of the gym.

Spring Bash 2013 about 3 weeks out I got the flu.  Not like a mild cold, like a downright nasty, cannot move, nothing tastes good (especially not healthy stuff) type flu.

Showdown 2013 My ex left and came back about 5 times in the 3 months leading up to it, and I managed to pull a muscle in my leg rather badly about 2 weeks out.

Yesterday morning at the gym, just as I was about to celebrate my ability to squat more than my bodyweight without the help of the smith machine… BAM!  Pain.  Originally I thought I had torn something in my chest, as that is where I am feeling it the most.  However, a friend and fellow B-Builder pointed out its likely my lat, as that’s where the pressure of the Barbell sits during squats… I can barely move, hurts to breath, and dearie me, I don’t care if snot runs down my face you cannot pay me enough to blow my nose ever again.

I am just under 4 weeks from my show, just under 3 weeks from the relay for life.

Right now my plan is to take it easy for a couple of days and see how I feel and if it heals.  I tried doing cardio this morning at the gym, it hurt so bad it actually made me sick to my stomach… AHHHHHH

If anyone knows of some magic cure or fix for this one, please share!