Lemon chicken…. Yummy!

Prepping food for work and just created this absolutely delicious and clean lemon chicken recipe


Easy to do

Zest of one lemon, 1 tbsp mustard and tblsp each of oregano and thyme.

Rub chicken with the above mixture.

In a large oven safe saucepan brown the chicken (2 minutes each side) with a little EVOO

Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon you zested into the pan and place in oven for 25 minutes.

I tossed some baby spin ache in what was left of the juice afterward over low heat.


Definitely worth the read

What Really Happens When We Give Kids Everything They Want

Five things friday….

1.  Canadian Weather + Traffic = idiotic drivers

Having moved back to my home town I also some how with ridiculous lawyers fees still have to drive my kids to almost Toronto every other weekend and back.  Driving is not the issue, I’m Canadian and learned to drive in 6 feet of snow when I turned 16. Problem: idiot Canadians that forget they are Canadian and forget how to drive every single winter!  on a bad day its 1.5 hours… tonight, at plus 3, no ice and no snow coming down 2 hours… WTF?

2.  Competition

Competing at UFE spring bash 2014 April 5, in Mississauga

3.  New Gym

Having had enough of Goodlife Fitness and their incompetent crappy employees which are hell bent on using and abusing clients I have joined Anytime Fitness… and for the record Tuesday I had a killer chest and tricep workout in the gym all to myself a week after new years – can you say win?!?!

4.  Snow and cold suck!

Well… all you californians whining that you’re trees were blowing and it was 10 degrees (celsius)  we hit a record low of -22.4 or -41 with windchill this week.  That holy crap its cold and you need a touque in canadian speak.  (-8.32 farenheit)  it will freeze even vodka… just saying


5.  when dating….

Make sure his schedule lines up with yours.  ugh.

Competition Decisions

Competition Decision Made!

For anyone that follows me on Facebook  and if not… please do! You will probably have put together the clues….

What do you think this means?
What do you think this means?


I have decided to compete again.



Hmmmm the new boyfriend cooks allot and really well, his version of “healthy” however is lacking.  I’m lifting all the time, and heavy, but my diet has been lacking and my water consumption low…. (think 1 liter as opposed to a gallon) and we know water is my friend.  I have always needed a goal to keep on track, like 30 lbs between November and January, a 6 pack by 30, or getting on stage beside 20 year olds to kick me into gear.

june UFE Showdown... open
june UFE Showdown… open

Reality is… if I keep lifting, and eating like I am, I’m not going back to the way I was… but I am also not so happy with it.  I want to be my best, not a sorta better mediocre version of my best….

That's me... Boo and allot of boob
That’s me… Boo and allot of boob


So, I am going to compete again….  April 5, 2014 at the UFE SPRING BASH.  Which seems appropriate since that was the first show I did.

April 2013 Bikini Competition
April 2013 Bikini Competition


Here’s the starting point, 12 weeks plus out.

12 weeks or so... out from UFE spring bash 2014
12 weeks or so… out from UFE spring bash 2014


Wish me luck!


Lose the scale

Lose the Scale….
ways to tell you’re moving in the right direction

When I decided in November of 2011 to get fit, I vowed to lose 30lbs by January 1.  I made it.  I was also weighing myself every other day.  I was obsessed with what the scale said.  Weather it was the wrong time of the month didn’t matter to me… I was focused on that evil little white box that sat in my bathroom.  I actually weighed myself more than once a day at times.  And, what I found is that sooo many things went into how much I weighed.

Day 1 November 18, 2011
Day 1 November 18, 2011


January 1, 2012.  30 lbs later
January 1, 2012. 30 lbs later

Sometime in the spring of 2012 the scale started going up, rather steadily.  I knew that my clothes fit better, and I knew that I felt good.  However it was a brain melt to see that scale go up.  So, I threw it out.  I only weigh myself now about every 6 months and I can’t say as I care what it even says.

Clothes used to be my nemesis.  I had no idea how to dress my curvy frame.  When all of a sudden size 14 was snug and I was faced with needing to shop at the “big girl” store.  I refused.  If you’re clothes fit well, or are getting lose.  That’s a great thing.
Case in point.  This morning at the gym my size xs gym pants (purchased for$4 at goodwill)  when I went to put my iPhone in the waist band, it kept falling…. like sliding down my leg.  This is amazing!


That's me... Boo and allot of boo
That’s me… Boo and allot of boo

When you grew up with an optimistic B cup, I thought I always wanted boobs.  I used to actually research breast augmentation.  After Boo was born and I gained weight, my bra cup went to a DD.  It was probably more than that, but again, standard stores that’s the biggest they carry… they were insane.  Walking down stairs in the morning required a bra.  I was thrilled when they started to shrink and loved when they got small again.  I also am a huge advocate of chest day because it really is a natural boob job.  I nursed two babies and beat breast cancer.  I am 34 and my boobs if I do say so myself are fabulous!  I now own bra’s that are actually too big.  I only own and wear about two bras.  Time to go shopping.

When you lose weight, you may not see it, as its little bit by little bit every day.  You see yourself every day and its tough to see the changes.  However, you’re friends will!  Learn to take a compliment.

Progress Pictures

November 18 2011-2012-2013
November 18

This is something that really kept me motivated and accountable.  Taking weekly or bi-weekly pictures will give you an instant bump to stay on track.

You’re weight may stay the same but you’re measurements will change.  Keep a log monthly of where you are.  I’ve also heard of allot of people that use a piece of string or ribbon for each body part, and then cut off the piece that’s too long every week.  Keep them in a jar and you have a visual reminder of how much you lose.


Most importantly, as long as you feel good, you look good.  A smile is the best accessory.

Every Gym Has Them

Every gym has them.  Next time you’ve turned on your beast mode and in between sets see if you can pick out the characters that exist in every gym I’ve ever frequented.

muscle head


The Little Old Lady


I have seen a few incarnations of this.  At the first gym I frequented there was a lady in her 60’s.  She was only about five feet tall with white curly hair, she came to the gym, and danced her butt off while popping off squats, pull ups and push ups.  This is the lady I want to be one day.  She made even the big muscley guys stop and stare.  She was amazing!

The other common little old lady is a lady in her 70’s or more, she usually has a trainer and is in there doing her thing.  The current little old lady at my gym has a walker, and the trainer helps her from machine to machine.  Give her props – She’s doing it!

The Big Guy


The big guy, lifts heavy, is usually a little older, He’s strong, and has big guns.  However, he is not really “fit” to look at.  He’s a perpetual bulker, the big guy is sometimes combined with the guy who only does upper body, and probably wears a weight belt.

The Grunter & Slammer


Yes, I know and I even do it, the last couple of reps and you end up grunting to get er done.  That’s not what I mean here.  I am talking about the person who grunts and swears through every rep of every set no matter what the weight, it could be their warm up, or there heaviest personal best, they grunt through every single rep.  And usually drop their weights and leave them where they drop.

The Twit
gym bimbo

The twit can also be known as the bimbo.  She shows up wearing perfectly matched outfits that are more expensive then your rent.  She also wears full makeup, does her hair and usually wears earrings.  She spends half her time checking herself out in the mirrors, and the other half squatting with light weights and hitting on the guys.

The Guy Who Thinks He Used to Work Out


I’ve dated this guy.  In both forms.  Either its a guy who is dating a girl who lifts and wants her to think that he used to work out.   Reality is there is no proof of this.  Take him to the gym and he has no clue.  Or he’s there, an “expert” but obviously has no clue.



Any other obvious ones at your gym?

2 Year Anniversary in the Gym


November 18 2011-2012-2013
November 18

November 18, 2011.

Early 2012.
Early 2012.

I woke up one morning and was unhappy, over weight and down right miserable.  An on again off again relationship I would deal with for years was off for the first time, I was an unhappy over weight single mother of two.  I was drinking too much wine, eating the wrong kinds of foods and very unhappy.  So, I decided to join the gym.  I had been fit once upon a time in my early 20’s, and knew that weights were the way to go.  So, I got a membership and dedicated one hour a day for 3 months to the gym.  I used mostly machines, and did allot of core work as my number one goal was to have a 6 pack.  I cleaned up my diet, and cut out the red wine.  I lost 30 lbs by January 1st.  I never looked back!


November 18, 2012.

This was 11 weeks to the competition I wanted to do in 2012.
This was 11 weeks to the competition I wanted to do in 2012.

I survived my first bought with breast cancer that first year.  I had picked a competition on November 11th of that year but due to the side effects and stress of my illness I put off competing.  I was thinner and healthier and I still believe that if I had not decided to change my life my illness could have been much worse, and possibly not found until much later.    In May of 2012 I wrote my first Blog Post at onefitmama.wordpress.com (the sites not up any more replaced now by this one!).  I met wonderfully supportive people and learned soo much about diet, fitness, weights and clean living.  I handled stress better and was much happier.  I started hiking, learned that I didn’t hate running and was training for my first bikini competition.


November 18, 2013.

April 2012 Bikini Competition
April 2012 Bikini Competition

In April I competed in my first bodybuilding competition!  I placed almost last but I didn’t care.  I did it to show that I could do it, so that I could stand up beside the fittest of the fit and feel amazing!  I got my personal training certification, started helping others to achieve their own goals and…. competed again in June.  This time as a fitness model.

I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers, competitors and new friends I have made through fitness.  I can honestly say that this will be a way of life forever for me.  Thank you to everyone who has supported

June 2012 - Fitness Model Competition
June 2012 – Fitness Model Competition

me along the way.  Listened to me wine when I couldn’t help it, offered me amazing advice and cheered me on either through support or just by being incredibly positive influences!

Brain F!CK$%

I know I hav’ent been writing all that fitness related articles since restarting my blog recently.  I’ve actually had a hard time coming up with ideas.  I had thought to re-post allot of my old articles and while I know I saved them somewhere am having a hard time digging them up.

Last year this time I had a million things to write about.  This year, I feel like I have nothing to share even though I know way more than I did a year ago.  Two thoughts on this.  1.  I am losing my edge or just plain losing it.  2.  The more I know the less questions I have and thus the less things to ask others about.


Here’s a mind F!CK for the night.  I have been working out 5-6 days a week for months, since the move back to my home town.  I am not eating as “clean” as I should.  Quite honestly I am eating badly.  Too few calories,mostly the right type of macros.  However, I look in the mirror and sometimes think “good job”  and other times think “ugh, you look awful”.  However tonight I put on a nightgown that I don’t often wear.  Its pretty and frilly.  There is nobody to see it, but it makes me feel good.  However when I bought it, I couldn’t do it up.  During my leanest in June for the UFE Showdown I could do up one button of two.  Tonight I put it on and it does up and is lose.  Yet I do not see it right now.  I feel very out of shape regardless of hitting my PB’S at the gym, fitting into smaller clothing I do not feel fit.


I totally know that its a mental thing.  I know I am not eating properly and stress is getting to me, and I also know I should see that I am leaner then before but I don’t.  For years when I was heavy I dressed like I was thin.  When I got thin (again)  I dressed like I was heavy.  I am completely aware this is some sort of psychological brain fart going on in my female mind but REALLY:?!?  Ugh.  I like to think that I have it together yet I constantly catch myself in the barbie doll mentality


Anyone else?





What do you expect of yourself?

Personally, I “expect” that I will be a fabulous Mom, daughter, friend and one day a wife.  I expect that now that I have found what works for me with health and fitness that I will be perfectly fit and healthy for the rest of my life.  I expect that I will have a fufilling and rewarding career, my dog will be the epitome of well trained, and the kids will be happy, healthy, polite and grow up to be kind, loving, giving members of society.


What is the reality?

Me as a daughter: I have no relationship with my Dad but I love my Mom like no other and respect and cherish everything she has ever done for me  She gives me hope that even though my kids sometimes drive me batty at some point they will calm down and do better and love me again…. 

Me as a Mom: I am a good Mom, but I am not perfect.  My children have to make mistakes to learn from them, which I wish they would do just a little less often.  I sometimes yell at them, sometimes they really deserve it, and sometimes I have to apologize.  I think the fact that I know when and how to apologize is probably one of my better qualities.  They need to know that Mom’s make mistakes too, and I can’t always ask them to apologize and not do the same.  I thoroughly believe that time-outs were not made for children, they were made for parents!


My Dog:  Smudges was the newest addition to the family last Christmas.  She’s a cute little girl dog that is mostly sweet.  However we got her in December and she hates the cold with a passion.  She does’nt bark, like ever!  Which is awesome.  And she lets us dress her up like the little cat in a dog suit that she is.  But she still craps on the floor in the basement every once in a while…. hmmmm, I blame that on the kids not the dog!  Oh well.


Me and my career:  I have done amazing things over the years.  I know that I am smart and a quick learner, so why am I still struggling to find a job?  I will blame the awful employment market here.  I’ll honestly do just about anything but the jobs I am qualified for they think I’ll charge too much (i wouldnt, I just want to work)  and the jobs that I am over qualified for, won’t hire me because they think its just a stop gap till I find something better.

Me and Fitness:  When I started this journey I was pushing 200 lbs at my heaviest.  Its been two years this week since I started working out.  My attitude, mind, body and life have changed since.  I can honestly say that I am positive that I will never ever go back to the way I was before I learned to love weights.  However, right now I have no specific health goals.  I do not look the best I ever have, because well…. when you diet down for a show, and dehydrate to show off every single good thing there, and  you’re a mother with two kids… you cannot maintain that!  So, I look in the mirror some days and think “damn!  I look good” and in the mirror others and think “ugh, not my best”.  I go out for dinner and order a beer and a burger when my friends all expect that I should order a salad or something, and I see the looks.  I sometimes feel that I am letting my friends who are struggling with their own health down when I do it.  That’s not a good feeling.  

Wish… I could look like this all the time… sigh

Nobody perfect all of the time.  What are some of the unreasonable expectations in your own life?


Competition Decisions

I have decided to do a 4 week cut over November.  The point is to decide weather I want to compete again this April.  I have enjoyed my relaxed diet for the last few months but this should show me where I am at and help to make my decision.

Day 1 of the cut
Day 1 of the cut

I will be adding back in fasted cardio for 30 minutes in the morning and continuing with my 3 day workout split (Back and Arms, Chest and Shoulders, and Legs)  Also cleaning up my diet, cutting out the wine and adding in more water.  I’ll be cutting back on carbs and upping my protein intake as well as avoiding fruit.


Let’s do this!

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