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Dear lord, I hope and wish every person I know reads this….

I heard of a few people talking about this post on facebook and the title appalled me, however I just read it and I agree completely.  I can think of at least one man VERY involved in my lil guys life who NEEDS to read this…. and stop doing what it says and stop giving me greif for not satellite parenting.  Well said.



Mom gives up on kids

A Typical Day

I have made the decision to compete at UFE showdown.  That makes it roughly 80 days.  What I am going to attempt to do in the next 11 weeks is go from about 20% body fat to 10-12% bodyfat.  I figure there is no point in competing unless I can be better then my last competition.

A Typical Day

5:00 am.


Alarm goes off.  I get dressed, while stumbling around a dark bedroom.  Then I grab my gym bag and juggle cars in the single drive driveway.  I then drive to the gym and do an hour or so of weights.  20 – 25 minutes of cardio.

7:00 AM

I get back home from the gym.  By this time my sweetie has generally already left for work.  I clean up the kitchen from whatever mess is left from the night before, make the kids lunches, eat my breakfast, pack my food for the day (I generally take 5 meals to work… that’s allot of stuff to get organized)….  I then get the kids up feed them breakfast, make my bed, clean up my room, chase the kids around to get dressed and try and get them to tidy up their rooms.  Big kid leaves for high school.  I then get about 20 minutes to get cleaned up, changed and ready for work.

8:30 am
images (1)

Drive boo to school.   Drive to work which is at the absolutely other end of the city and get to work just for 9AM.  At 10 or so, I get meal #2 in.  At 1 I take a lunch.  Except because I only have about 30 minutes, I generally spend this running errands, after my lunch break I eat meal #3 at my desk.  At 3 or 3:30 I eat meal #4.

5:00 pm

I get done work and fight traffic home.  I usually end up stopping at the grocery store, gas station etc.

6:00 PM

Get home.  Sweetie likes to cook, not so much clean.  So by the time I get home from work my kids have been home for 2 hours making a mess and usually sweetie is cooking.  So I get home and eat meal #6, cleanup after sweetie, clean up after kids.  Do grade 9 homework, read stories with Boo.  Hopefully finally shower or bath (ya, there is NO time for that in the morning… body spray and deodorant is my friend!)

Around 8:30 Boo goes to bed.  This is when I load and run dishwashers, do laundry etc.


I am hopefully on my way to bed.  But unlike the boys in this house, first I have to wander around the house and pick up the mess, lock the doors, and turn off the lights.


I love my life! I really really do.  But I am forever hearing about people telling me that they do not have time, their kids are too important, they cannot fit it in etc.

Choose your priorities, if it is important, you will make time.  You can succeed.  In spite of how tough it seems some days I am soo proud of what I have accomplished.  This is my ME thing.  This is what makes me happy and proud.

So… What is your excuse






Random Thoughts… By Fit Mama



Random Thoughts By Fit Mama

5 Things Friday1507188_10152385181191111_195242021_n

Life’s Good… Enjoy it!

We are all so busy all of the time.  My sweetie is always apologizing because we either have my kids, his kids, or one of us is working crazy hours and we don’t always get a chance to get out of do things together.  In past relationships this used to bug me big time.  Reality is…. I love just spending time.   He’s funny, cuddly and sweet.  My boys are always busy.  Between friends, school work, activities and then throw in workouts for me and working… life’s nuts.  Some of my most favorite times are just cuddled up on the couch watching a movie or sitting around watching them play.  Things go bad, we all have stressors.  Lord knows two years of looking for solid employment wreaked havoc on the finances.  But it will all get worked out eventually.  Don’t let you’re stress make you miss the fun stuff.

I have perpetual timing problems

Doo Hicky Courtesy of:
Doo Hicky
Courtesy of:

My car’s timing belt, blew up or something.  Thankful that sweetie is a mechanic and can fix it.  This has now happened on pretty much every car I’ve ever had.  He assures me its not my fault, but I still feel bad.  Its bad timing.

Competition Decisions


Have’nt been made.  I was going to compete at Spring Bash in April.  Fortunately I got a job end of January, however because I was not in the swing of 5am workouts anymore I decided not to do the April show.  I do not regret it since for 2 of the last 3 weeks I had a flu that turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and chest infection…. in short, I felt like poo.  I generally eat healthy, but when you’re that sick and nothing sounds good, I ate junk.  Oh well.   Thinking about the June Showdown which is in my home town and where I live now!  Woo Hoo!  Need to decide soon cause there’s alot of work to be done.  See #4

Skin Sucks

He's just Cute
He’s just Cute

I’ve posted before about my thoughts on plastic surgery. … or more specifically fake boobs and the fitness industry.  However there is one surgery I would LOVE.  A Tummy tuck!  I’m pretty lucky to have had two beautiful boys, gained massive amounts of weight and lost it and have virtually no stretch marks.  However, I absolutely hate the whole bull dog thing that happens when you go to say do planks.   Stand up, see lines, go horizontal and there is just way too much skin there.  I ever win the lottery it will happen.  No idea why its bothering me so much more lately, but it is.  Could be the 35th birthday looming in a month or so.

My New Gym Rocks

Had enough of goodlife, or could be that I did’nt like the one I went to once I came home.  Either way we joined Anytime Fitness.  Its small, same company as Worlds Gyms.  The one I frequent is virtually brand new, incredibly clean…. and full of cardio bunnies.  Love that.  Most AM workouts are me and the weights with nobody else in site.  AWESOME


no makeup selfies… from a survivors

Everywhere I look there are women posting no makeup selfies….


This is a not to a european ad campain to raise awareness for cancer research to raise awareness for cancer research.  I give a huge nod to anyone willing to take a pic of themselves with no makeup.  I give a nod to anyone willing to put themselves out there.

The point of these pictures is being lost.  It is to raise awareness of those who have dealt with cancer.  Those that have gone through radiation, chemo, multiple drug therapies, those who’s hair has fallen out, who’s limbs do not work or you have lost them.  Those that have been through hell and back and still faced the world with the gumption that only a survivor can.


Here is my challenge. Tomorrow I will post my link to the relay for life. I do this fundraiser ever year.  This year I lost Lissa.  She was amazing. She lived through a very rare type of cancer, lost both of her legs,   she was “cured”  but dealt with things like her tear ducts did not work years later…. she was vibrant, amazing, she was a fabulous mother, she was an amazing wife and if nothing else, she was the most positive person I have ever met.  She passed away two weeks ago.  This year I will walk because I can, this year I will walk in her memory, this year I will walk…. 12 hours.  I challenge every one of my followers to donate $10 minimum to cancer research, please share them with me at  If and when I get 100 responses I will post my own no make up selfie.


Please support the cause.  Please donate so we can end this terrible disease.  Donate because you can.  Donate because you should.  Donate and support an amazing cause.



Love you… now do it for the right reason.


One fit mama


Today’s workout

Having switched to all over body workouts from a body part a day. Thought I would share today’s workout.

Circuit 1
Leaning shoulder dumbell raises 3 sets each side 10x10lb

Kettlebell swings 3 sets 20x10lb

Round the world Kettlebell swing 3 sets each direction 20x10lb

Circuit 2
Curtesy lunges 3 sets 15x40lb each side
Decline bench torso twist 3 sets 20x10lb
Decline bench sit-ups 3 sets of 25

3 sets 100lbs

Dumbell rows 3 sets 10x 50 lbs each side

Pec flys 3sets 10x75lbs

Trx push-ups – 3 sets of 20

Calf raises seated 3 sets 15x90lbs

Money saving tips for competitors

Competing is expensive! Between registration fees, tanning costs, photography etc competing can run you into the thousands. Let’s face it, I’m a mama on a budget. I compete because it’s amazing motivation.

1. Tanning
My first competition I did the spray tan thing and totally buggered it up. I tan pretty dark all on my own so for competition 2, I used self tanner every day for a week and did 10 minutes a day in the stand up. Way cheaper and I looked far better I think. Bonus, no sweat induced streaks


2. Suit

My first competition suit I semi customized and bought on line. It’s gorgeous but the gold color washed out on stage. My second competition suit I bought second hand blinged it up, added a scrunch bum and with some time at the sewing machine absolutely loved it. Just finished my suit for competition 3 coming up in 10 weeks. This suit all told probably cost me $20 or so.


3. Makeup and hair

This ones simple. Get online and watch stage makeup videos. Up close this looks crazy heavy and over done. One stage…. Amazing!


Any other tips for saving money??

shhhhh….. its a secret!

Shhhh… Its a secret!


I have talked many times about how to track progress.  Except I’ve never out loud told anyone how i track it almost daily.  No!  I do not get on a scale.  Do not even own one to be honest (it stopped working and I threw it out)  besides that I don’t really care how much I weigh.  I focus on things like how my clothes fit, progress pictures and weather I can see lines in my tummy… oh ya, that’s the secret!



You know when you’re a kid and you let it all hang out?!?!

That's baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!
That’s baby boo and his belly while eating a llolipop!


Sooo, as we get older and more concerned with our appearance we all learn to suck it in.  Even those that are severely out of shape suck it in.  Those of us trying really hard and working out work our core muscles to make sure it stays in.  Does’nt change that you can still let it all hang out.


So, what’s the secret.  When I let it out…. in the mirror every morning that’s my measurement right now.  The day I can “let it out” and still see all 6 abs will be the day I’m satisfied.


So.  What’s your dirty little secret?


Lemon chicken…. Yummy!

Prepping food for work and just created this absolutely delicious and clean lemon chicken recipe


Easy to do

Zest of one lemon, 1 tbsp mustard and tblsp each of oregano and thyme.

Rub chicken with the above mixture.

In a large oven safe saucepan brown the chicken (2 minutes each side) with a little EVOO

Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon you zested into the pan and place in oven for 25 minutes.

I tossed some baby spin ache in what was left of the juice afterward over low heat.