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What’s in you’re gym bag??

Needed to organize this morning. Mostly because it was full of stinky socks. Love my gym bag! It’s a lulu bag courtesy of an amaZing friend (thx Scott). Though I think it’s almost time for a new bigger one. For a girl who took her stuff in a grocery bag for years and wore the same sneakers for more than 3 years… It’s the little things


– new balance sneakers
– socks
– key fob for anytime
– Jump rope (my kinda cardio)
– lottery tickets (3… Need to check those)
– lifting gloves
– body spray
– lip balm
– supplements
– straps
– can of tuna (no idea how long that’s been there)
– tanning cream

Most of the time my heels are in there too for posing practice but I did that at home yesterday

So… What’s in your gym bag?


The scarecrow ” I haven’t got a brain”

No Carb Brain

Competition prep means functioning on less carbohydrates than is normal, even for somebody that eats less carbohydrates than the average person normally.   Normally I would caution to balance the lower carbohydrate intake with a higher healthy fat intake.  However during contest preparation not only do you limit the amount and types of carbohydrates you also start lowering fats, yes even most good ones.

This results in a bit of “scatter brain”

The only thing I can aptly relate this too is a non-pregnancy version of Baby Brain.
For any of the mothers out there that have had children, you probably remember the 6-8 months right after your child was born.  You were likely getting minimal amounts of REM sleep, waking up every couple of hours, and walking around zombie like.  On top of that you had what is known as “baby brain” The ability to completely forget things, be slightly out of it, and otherwise feel and behave not as sharp as usual.

In the case of No-Carb brain, silly me spouted off a week or so ago that I was not suffering from no-carb brain.  However as of this week it has apparently caught up to me.  When I got home last night I realized I was wearing two different mix-matched earrings.  If these were small earrings it might not have been so bad.  In my case, one was a small silver hoop the other was about a 6 times larger kind of sparkly hoop.  Ahhh… don’t remember that one!

Today.  Half way through the afternoon I finally noticed that I had my blouse on inside out – yep!  Since this morning.


This leaves me wondering if my lovely co-workers noticed and thought perhaps I was “kookie” or perhaps had a fling in the car on my way into work this morning… and were just too polite to say anything, or if I actually got away un-noticed.  Note to self.  Better start making silly lists of things to double check in the morning.

  1.  Is my underwear under my clothes?
  2. Do shoes, earrings, etc. match?
  3. Keys, wallet, phone?
  4. Food for the day?
  5. Do I look like a clown and / or hot mess?


Are You Going To Win?


I get asked this all the time.  Most recently by my friends over at  Also by friends, other competitors and complete strangers.  Just because I do body building competitions many people seem to think “winning” is easy.  I have not placed top 10 in the two shows I have done.  But winning is easy.  I win all the time.  I win by looking the best I have ever looked.  I win by having the guts to get on stage next to the fittest of the fit and looking and feeling great.  I win by knowing that the changes I have made in my lifestyle mean that I will be here for my children, their children and seeing as I had Big Kid at 20, likely my great grandchildren.  That’s winning!  I win and celebrate every time I lift heavier, beat a PB (Personal Best… I’m putting this in cause for a long time I didn’t know what that was and I was too shy to ask 😉

For me, I will not get on stage, unless I look and feel better than I did at my last competition.  Every single time you work out, the longer you work out, the harder you work out adds muscle, definition and form to your body.  I have two and half years of serious muscle built up now.  I cannot wait till show day.


Live and Learn

There are very few that can get on stage and win their first competition.  Just having the nerve to put on one of those itsy bitsy suits let along be judged and critiqued on your body is one major accomplishment.  There are oodles of people that get discouraged because they did not do as well as they thought they should have and never compete again.  I am not one of those.  My first show, I learned that even though I had heard it a hundred times, I needed major work on posing.  I also learned how a show is run, and I learned that even though I get nervous, I like being on stage.


My second show I realized that while I spent a lot of time on my appearance, there are some things that need to be “perfect”.  Hair and makeup seem like a silly thing to spend time on when you’re being judged on your physique.  These shows are a bit of a beauty pageant after all.  This time, I’m going to spend the money on pro makeup and hair.  I also learned that things like you’re suit, should not be “different”… I love my suits, but sometimes you have to go along with the crowd, there’s a reason certain color are popular, because they look better on stage…


Competition are Subjective

You could do one show and place first, and do another and not even make top 10 and do the exact same as you did at the first show and look better.  This is a subjective sport.  Different judges see and judge different ways.  Some of the girls I competed with at my first competition also competed at my second.  At the first show they placed top 10, and then did not place at the second show.  Most looked far better in my books at the second show.  However, it depends who is there, who your competitors are, who bring it that day, who the judges are.  Etc.  I actually placed better my second show then my first, just not top 10.


So yes, I plan on winning!

Best of luck to all of the competitors in UFE Spring Bash 2014

I had originally planned on competing this weekend.  I do not regret my decision not to. I would not have been at my best.

Wishing all of the competitors the best of luck.  Enjoy the experience, it is amazing, and you will meet some of the most wonderful people.  So in honor.  Here is a little flash back to last years spring bash.


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Do you step up or let them????

Do you offer advise, or let people continue with what they are doing???

images (2)This is something I am constantly confronted with.

I am a certified personal trainer, I have my first aid, and I am a gym nut that spends ALLOT of time in the gym.  When I was “just learning”  I for the most part loved advise from people that knew what they were doing already.  There were times, and still are when someone will give me advise that I just laugh off.  (Like “you should not be doing wide gripped lat pull downs that heavy, it will make you’re back large and you’ll be manly”  I laughed and laughed at them… has this dude (with a gut)  ever heard of “hour glass figure”?)

I am not about to start offering unsolicited advise to every person at the gym.  However what do you do when you see someone who obviously is trying but is doing it all wrong?

Do you step up and say “Can I help?”  Or do you just let them go on?

Case in point.  This morning at the gym there was an older lady and her daughter working out.  Neither is large, they were both trying.  I generally keep my ear phones in my head down and do my thing.  But I notice the Mom trying to tricep pull downs on a cable.  She’s got way way too much weight, bad form and is not really doing herself a whole lot of good.  First time I just ignored it, but when I saw her up the pin I started to worry she was going to hurt herself.  So, I eventually took my ear phones out walked over and said “Sorry, but can I show you how to do that properly?”  She was awesome and said “yes, of course… please” When I explained that if you are swinging you’re entire body as opposed to focusing on the muscle group you could hurt yoruself, showed her proper form, dropped the pin and had her do a set, she said “wow, that’s much better” I thought… ok.  Right thing to do.  Except she then explained to me that its what a “trainer” had told her.  Now…. there’s a few things that coulda happened here.  She did’nt understand what the trainer said.  She did’nt really have a trainer tell her to do it so.  Etc.

That’s not what this post is about.

There’s another kid at my gym.  The first time I went in and he was working out.  I watched him strut around the gym for 20 minutes.  He loaded and unloaded weights, but really did nothing.  He kept disappearing to the front of the gym (the place with no weights where nobody can see you, where they sign up new clients)  he’s come back, strut some more.  After 20 or 30 minutes he finally walked over in front of me, picked up 2 45 lb dumbbells and started full body swinging them behind himself and up to his shoulders.  I’m sure this was his version of “curls”.  I said nothing.  This kid was eyeing me like “fack off” the whole time.  He did one set of these, disappeared and then left immediately.  The next time I saw him at the gym…. the second I walked in.  He left.  I don’t care about these guys.  They will either figure it out, or they will hurt themselves and not be back.


My mom has commented being a long time goodlife member that she wishes the trainers when not training a client would walk around and correct people doing things wrong.


So which is it?


Do you think that when you see someone doing something dangerous or wrong, you should offer you’re advise, or do you let them carry on.?????


Signs you’re a bodybuilding competitor


1. You have more selfies in your phone then a 14 year old girl…..

photoWe call it “checking progress”


2. You have an entire drawer / cupboard full of vitamins, supplements and protein powder….

military-amateur-roberta-hatch_hIts necessary

3. You’re fridge is full of spinach, fish and an assortment of tupperware containers….

LEftovers-in-frig-jepge-225x300We really only cook once or twice a week.  Its called food prep.

4.  You have more stretchy pants, tank tops and running shoes then you do work clothes….

c7b417b911dfae4fde346c7abd4395b7You may also occasionally try and figure out how you can wear the gym clothes at work.  Its just easier.

5.  You’re Facebook feed, blog, etc is full of other people who lift…

rottenecard_59569040_fysbfxf7ccthere’s probably also some friends that post stuff like “I don’t care you went to the gym”  pfffttt… surround yourself with like minded people.

6.   At the gym you can pick out the newbies and cardio queens in less than 5 seconds.

imagesYou also may start to do this in every day life like at the grocery store, when people have a cart full of chicken and green stuff you wanna give them a fist bump

7.   You’re iPod is full of “motivational” music.

images (1)Like “Work Bitch”  and “99 problems”  you also occasionally think you’re a 20 year old thug while lifting.



Now that I have your attention!

The personal side of this

Evolution Left was after Big Kid (hey, I was 20 or so), Middle is afterBoo.... Right is After the weight loss
Left was after Big Kid (hey, I was 20 or so), Middle is afterBoo…. Right is After the weight loss

When I was in my teens I was an optimistic B cup.  I used to say that I wanted a breast augmentation.  I researched it, loved the way it looked and wanted boobs.  The reality is after my second son I was pushing a DD!  They were heavy, didn’t fit in normal clothes and they were likely much bigger but I never had a proper fitting.  However when I started losing weight and they started shrink I was thrilled!  Then only a few months after I got them back down to a B/C cup I got diagnosed with breast cancer and risked losing them all together.  That was terrifying!  However, I still didn’t want them big, I just wanted mine.  I’m lucky enough to still be cancer free.  And if you haven’t lately, DO A BREAST EXAM!

The Facts

You cannot lose weight and keep it only in your chest and butt.  You can do chest exercises and make them look better, and more perky.  You can do squats and build a lovely round bum.  However anyone out there that thinks spot training works is deluding themselves.

Some women will loose weight in specific areas quicker then others but if you are in about the 20-22% body fat range (healthy) then you’re likely not much more then a B cup.

The Fitness Industry

This is Vlatkadragic There is no doubt she is fit and stunning.
This is Vlatkadragic
There is no doubt she is fit and stunning.

Here’s my issue.  Why is it that all of these beautiful fitness models that devote so much time to health and fitness all have breast implants?!!?  They are beautiful and fit, and personally I don’t think it looks good.  That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with it.  I am not going to knock a personal decision and if it makes you feel good, do it.  My issue is that the industry is inundated with images of women with 6 packs and DD’s.  The image of healthy, natural and beautiful needs to contain more images of people that are “natural”.

2013 ArnoldClassic Bikini Division Winners.  What's the common denominator here?
2013 ArnoldClassic Bikini Division Winners. What’s the common denominator here?

What are you’re thoughts.?