Kaizen Cleanse Review – Do Not Waste Your Money

No Longer a Daily Review

So I started the Kaizen cleanse on Friday.  You can see my first post here.



You drink these two green sludge “cleanse” drinks.  Take my advice if you try this out yourself, do not mix with water.  They still taste awful but are definitely better when taken as a shot.  Close your eyes and drink it down.  First night I took 5 of the pills that they say to take every other day unless they are not working in which case you can take them every night for up to 7 nights in a row.


The next morning I woke with incredibly dry mouth, very bad gas and that’s about it.  After sticking to my clean eating diet all day and drinking down two more of the foul tasting “cleanse” shots I took another dose of the pills before bedtime.

Sunday morning I felt absolutely awful.  Dry mouth is an understatement, no matter how much water I drank I was thirsty.  Tried to go to the gym as usual and felt dizzy.  I still had awful bloating and gas.  Though this time I finally was able to “go”.  In fact a few times.


Did not last the full 7 days on this.  Granted if I ever need a laxative I guess they are in the cupboard if I’m, stuck.

Final Opinion

The ingredients of this cleanse are essentially natural diuretics and laxatives.  Which is actually why I chose it.  However I would not suggest this.  Water loading to get rid of bloat which I am doing this week anyways in order to get ready for a photo-shoot, along with low fat, high fibre food and you’ll get much the same results in a much healthier way and without having to feel awful.


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