UFE Showdown 2014.

Yesterday was a lovely day full of meeting amazing people with like minded goals.


Had a lovely day and as usual the show was run very well and very quickly.  I competed in Masters (35+)  Bikini and Fitness model.  I felt amazing.  Thought I had it this time.  But then, you never know what the judges want at these shows…. so who knows.

Regardless Big Thanks goes out to Alysia Marrisen of AM Pro Makeup for my amazing smokey look.  As well as the girls at Hollywood tan for doing an amazing job on my color.

Did not place top 5 in the bikini division.  And got 3rd in Fitness model.  Thinking I will be trying out the OPA in the fall, possibly the Oktoberfest in October.  For now I am going to enjoy the nice sunny day, be proud of what I accomplished and put my feet up for a day!  Thank you for everyones support.  It truly means the world to me.


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