What’s in you’re gym bag??

Needed to organize this morning. Mostly because it was full of stinky socks. Love my gym bag! It’s a lulu bag courtesy of an amaZing friend (thx Scott). Though I think it’s almost time for a new bigger one. For a girl who took her stuff in a grocery bag for years and wore the same sneakers for more than 3 years… It’s the little things


– new balance sneakers
– socks
– key fob for anytime
– Jump rope (my kinda cardio)
– lottery tickets (3… Need to check those)
– lifting gloves
– body spray
– lip balm
– supplements
– straps
– can of tuna (no idea how long that’s been there)
– tanning cream

Most of the time my heels are in there too for posing practice but I did that at home yesterday

So… What’s in your gym bag?



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