The Good and The Bad

The Good Parts

Some parts of competition prep are amazing.

Watching your body change weekly.  I am “fit” most of the time, however as much as I know how strong I am and how good I look compared to the average almost 35 year old mom I also know what I am able to look like.  Competition level fitness is not maintainable long term while living like a normal human being.  Yes, I could probably stay leaner than I have this last year, which I am going to aim for after my competition.  Plus if I qualify I would like to compete at the national competition in November and if not that one, the Halloween Mayhem competition end of October.   Right now, I can daily get up, look in the mirror and see the changes that all of this work and dieting is doing to my body.

No Thinking

When you eat the same stuff day in and day out.  There’s not much thinking that has to go into meal prep (at least for yourself) Grocery shopping for just me is a breeze.  (Egg whites, spinach, salsa, tilapia, asparagus, brussel sprouts, chicken boobs – and… DONE) OK, I’m a mom, when do I ever get to grocery shop just for myself????


When I have a goal, I see it through.  I have set very specific goals for this competition and other than a cheat meal once a week I really haven’t deviated from the plan.  So far the only cardio I am doing is 60 second active rests in between weight exercises which I have also been doing as 3-4 exercise circuits and upped my reps from 6-8 to 8-10.  I move for 50-60 minutes straight at the gym.  If I can do this whole thing through diet and weights without endless bouts of boring cardio I will be thrilled.

The Hard Parts

My Hands

Mentioned this before.  However even though I wear gloves religiously I have calluses that would give my mechanic bf a run.  On top of that arthritis in my hands and typing at work all day and they are seriously, cold, and sore all of the time, and not so pretty despite my best efforts at moisturizing and pumice stones


Things not to say during prep

  • “Surely, just one bite won’t hurt.”

o   You’re right, I could probably have 1 bite of something bad.  Except the problem is if I did that every single time somebody said it to me, it would do something bad.  1 bite when you are just on a diet or eating healthy – no biggy.  Trying to become fitness model lean… no.  Not to mention that I am one of those, that if I succumbed to it once I would likely talk myself into it over and over again.  So, no thank you.  You eat the treat.

  • “But you’re already so thin”

o   No, No I am not.  I do not want to be “skinny” I want to be fit.  In order to show those muscles that I have spent almost every day for 2 ½ years building I am dieting very hard and working very hard to get to a low body fat percentage.  Yes in normal every day work clothes I probably do look “thin”.  But that’s only because muscles take up less room then fat.

  • Please do not invite me to dinner and promise to cook something “healthy”

o   I will happily go visiting during prep.  But I will either eat before I go, or take my own meal.  Please do not be offended when you promise to cook something healthy.  Its lovely that you are trying to accommodate my weird goals however you’re version of healthy and what I am likely eating are probably worlds apart.

  • Do not apologize for eating stuff I cannot have in front of me.

o   This is a choice I made.  All by myself for me.  My children do not eat tilapia and egg whites the whole time I am prepping for a show.  They eat, lasagna, pizza, steak, potatoes etc.  Yes, there are times I may have to walk away cause its making me drool to an extreme level however I am not upset that you are eating something I have decided not to.



Yes of course it’s fun when clothes get big.  I talk about that on here all the time, shrinking into smaller, cuter clothes is always fun.  But having gone from a size 14 to a pretty steady 6 I have now built up if not a decent wardrobe at least a functional one.  Problem now is because I am dieting down for the show, even my stretchy workout clothes are too big.  Case in point.  Size 4 lululemon work out pants that I love, were falling down while trying to jump rope between sets yesterday.  UGH.  Goodwill / value village trip may be called for this weekend.


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