Fit Girl Problems

 Fit Girl Problems

7 + Weeks to competition


My hands are a disaster.

I wear my gloves religiously at the gym, but lift heavy enough and often enough and they don’t really stop all of the wear and tear on your hands.  I moisturize constantly, and I use a pumice stone on the callus’s when they get really bad.  Right now… they are a wreck.  To top it off its spring in Ontario and the wonky weather with warm one day and icy cold the next combined with all of the damp and quite a bit of time spent trying to get my new garden up to snuff for planting season means my arthritis is full blown.  The last few days they have been swollen to the point that I cannot get my rings off, I can barely bend them and they ache all the time.  This is not really conducive to competition prep, tried to go easy at the gym and give them a rest.  Even my straps were not going to help this one.  However I do not enjoy going easy and probably pushed a little too hard.   Either way Aleve or a bit of a break and I will hopefully be back to going hard soon.  (Ok, who are we kidding, I am likely going to go hard anyways… just hope my hands survive.)



I love getting dressed almost as much as I like being naked.  My problem right now.  If it’s small enough to “fit” it likely doesn’t fit my frame.  Size small shirts depending on the style fit my waist, and arms, but not my shoulders.  Stretchy pants in xs are lose by part way through the day.  Jeans may fit your waist but are too tight in the bum or calves.  This is a good problem to have I suppose.  But it certainly makes getting dressed interesting.   Dresses and tanks are easier, however I work in the office of a distribution warehouse.  Not really appropriate most of the time.



Restricted calories, early morning workouts, food prep, cleaning, kids, and boyfriend.  Ya.  I am tired all of the time.  Plus I am an incredibly light sleeper so even when I plan on sleeping in if my early rising boyfriend gets up early, so do I


Over-Doing it

Sometimes you need to let stuff slide.  Let’s face it.  Life on a good day is a lot of work, doubly so for us Mama’s.  I am not so good at letting it slide.  I need to work on this.  I kind of did this Sunday, by playing in the dirt in the garden instead of finishing the laundry and cleaning the house.  I don’t even remember going to bed Sunday night and think it may have been involuntary and I just fell asleep however when I got up yesterday  morning I realized that the laundry was in the wash from two days ago, so had to be re-run, somehow there was enough laundry created in 2 days for 2 more loads.  The kitchen was an absolute disaster and there were dishes, glasses and garbage everywhere.  I did a quick tidy and left big kid a note for some chores to do after school.  I’ll bloody well pay him as long as it gets done right.  I need a maid, or really a mom, or a wife to look after my house!



This takes prep.  If for some reason I am not prepared, like yesterday morning.  When I realized I had no Tupperware, hadn’t been grocery shopping and hadn’t prepped my meals yesterday (see being lazy and playing in the dirt above) I was at a complete loss.  No idea what to do, and so yesterday not only did I sleep through my work out because I fell asleep involuntarily Sunday night, my food sucked.  I improvised but it’s not really according to plan, I didn’t bring enough with me and well… ugh.   Eating the same boring stuff all the time is not fun, eating a crappy improvised version of it is even worse.

Ok… whaaa waaa waa.  I’m went grocery shopping on the way home.


I can comment on my arse, you can’t!

Boyfriend made the mistake while I was working on posing practice to comment that I need to shrink my backside to look like the girls in the show that win.  Well Duh!  His comment, I love you’re bum, but these girls have much smaller bums.  Gee Thanks Darling!  I know he wasn’t being mean, just trying to help.  I compete, he races cars.  (Talk about not feeling guilty about my hobby, his is far more expensive hee hee)… He also races to win.  And yes, I want to win, but really my first goal is to look and feel better than my last competition.  My arse is much smaller than it was 3 weeks out from my show last June and I am still 8 weeks out.  Plus, this is like the absolute last place that I lose weight.  I know all of this, he made a comment.  Still it bugs me.  Advice to boyfriends out there, especially when you’re girl competes in bodybuilding contests, unless you are her coach or trainer, keep it to yourself.   “You look fantastic!”  should be the only words out of your mouth, or “Gee I’ll do the dishes and clean the bathroom”

Ha Ha!  Loves him.  But I didn’t even ask “does this make me look fat” You’d think every guy knew this. Apparently not.





2 thoughts on “Fit Girl Problems”

  1. I’m completely with you on fit girl problems, being a mom of four. I don’t however pretend to do the competitions, no way. My clothes are a constant struggle, but I like the fact my bum is getting bigger
    🙂 I just wish it were easier to find clothes, and a clean house, and plenty of energy, and a maid…yes a maid would be nice. I admire your drive for these competitions!


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