A post from my better half….

My guy sent this to me unasked for.  He’s such a sweety.



Hello all, I’m not a regular blogger, nor scholar. I am a mechanic by trade, and own a small but busy auto repair shop. I bet your wondering why I wrote this for my loving girlfriend. Well, it is to give you perspective, from the other half looking on. Kelly always writes, on achievements, and losses in her blog. So, I will try to do the same for her. As most of you know, she is focused on competing this summer, and I could not be more proud. Here’s why.

I used to a heavy gym rat, and have lost my way. I peaked at 196 lbs. and was extremely cut. Being I was always a small framed guy, hitting 180 was tough, let alone 196. I will not lie, vanity quickly became an issue, as did paranoia of losing the shape I had pushed myself to. But as with many along the way, I succumbed to pressures of life. Not going regularly, and diet slipping. Even though my diet was odd… I ate everything to keep the levels up. I do not retain fat easily, and many would be jealous of that. But once I quit a regular regimen, i shrunk gradually back to mid 170s, and that’s where I am now.

I eat like a spoiled heavy southener, seriously if it has sprinkles on it, chocolate icing, or a fat content above 3%… I’m attracted to it like a moth to flames.

I still to this day have not routinely returned to the gym. This is something I need to change. I have loads of bodily injuries, from racing cars, and creaks/groans from my body that make old schooner ships sound brand new. This was the main reason I started going to work out.

So now that I have pointed these things out, it must be hard to my pretty lady not to be tempted. I have all the symptoms of lazy written everywhere, and she still persists at the gym. I get tired just watching her, at the gym. I’m proud of her drive, and hope some of it will finally rub off on me. I have taken measures to hide my odd food addiction, and occasionally hit the gym, with her. But really, you have to admire a person, who perseveres with it. It shows her drive, which is obviously higher than mine. You can be sure, when she makes it to the stage, her family will probably be one of the louder ones there.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!  Dougy

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