Committed – Or… Commit me.

UFE Showdown in London Ontario June 21, 2014.


81 Days and counting


I compete not because I think I am going to be a sponsored athlete, get sponsors or my picture in magazine.  I compete because I can.  I compete because getting on stage next to the fittest of the fit and feeling good after everything I have survived makes me feel strong and beautiful.  I absolutely love my pictures.  Not many women who have lived my life and have two kids can say that they look and feel there best at almost 35.   I can.  And as I have said before, its amazing motivation. My diet is generally good, but when I do not have a goal, I cheat more often then not.  I work out like crazy all the time.  It makes me feel good.  I am happy, healthy and more stable then I have ever been in my life.

The original Plan

I originally planned and posted about competing at Spring Bash.  It is this weekend, and while I am disappointed that I did not pull it together in time to do it.  I have no regrets.  Life happens.  I got a new job end of January and I was not used to 5 am workouts anymore, my kids were not used to me not being home all of the time, and priorities have to take prescedence.  I could have done it, but I would not have been better than my last competition, and to me, I am my only competition.  So, I decided not to.

The new plan

UFE Showdown June 21

I did this show last year as fitness model.  This year I would like to enter both bikini and fitness model.  It is only a morning show unless you qualify for pro status, in which case you can choose to compete in the evening show.  Considering I have barely made not last the other two competitions I do not anticipate that.  But I am going to bring my A game and you never know.  I have always done this on my own, my diet, myself as a trainer.  I still cannot afford to invest that kind of money as just competing can run into a mess of money.  However through all of the competitions and connections I have made through both this blog, my competitions etc.  I have my hands on far more information.  I am above and before anyone else a stellar researcher.  I have a nailed down plan, diet, exercise, goals.  I will meet them all.  And if and when I do, I very much plan on at least top 10  ok, not last (Cannot believe I said that. … talk about a way to jinx yourself!)


The first competition, I did not really have a structured plan.  I felt great, up to and including the show, got amazing compliments from other competitors and then came 4th last.  I would be lying if I said it was not a major let down.  Granted it lasted about 30 minutes and I was over.  I had done it!  I then went out, ate a bunch of deserts and cheese cake.  I had a few too many bevies and proceeded to binge for a week.  Then I decided that if I did not pick a new goal I would be plus size again by summer.  So I picked showdown in London last june.  This time I watched my diet more, stretched wayyy more and added a mass amount of steady rate fasted cardio.  I looked way better however after the show it took months for me to have any want or desire to barely make it to the gym.  Add in alot of stressful personal crap and well…. meh.  Life happens.

Plan for 2014 Showdown


I am roughly 12 weeks out.  My diet will be mostly protein and veg.  This is what I know works not just for my body but also fold in celiac and feeling good and its how I have results and feel good mentally.  I do not crash on low carb, I feel good.  First 3 weeks will be about 1400 calories.  Only dairy will be 1 cup cottage cheese a day and only carbs will be wheat free oats.    Re-evaluate at 9 weeks out.

Took my measurements tonight.  Will weigh myself in the morning.  Not telling all the details but essentially I am 33-27-33 (can you say hour glass)  I will track this every monday evening with a weigh in on Tuesday mornings.

HIIT Cardio – 4 days a week

Again I will re-evaluate as needed but for the first 3 weeks that is the plan


This is a bad one for me.  I feel like a fool at the gym doing posing practice…. no idea why but I do.  And there is nowhere at home to do this that is easy or I can see.    The nice thing about again being used to 5 am workouts.  I have the gym to myself.  So 4-5 day a week posing practice.


Wish me luck!

Tips, tricks and encouragement needed.


4 thoughts on “Committed – Or… Commit me.”

  1. I love when your focused and set on competition mode. It’s so motivating and inspiring to me to get to live your journey with you through your blog. Good luck I’m most definitely routing for you!


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