Signs you’re a bodybuilding competitor


1. You have more selfies in your phone then a 14 year old girl…..

photoWe call it “checking progress”


2. You have an entire drawer / cupboard full of vitamins, supplements and protein powder….

military-amateur-roberta-hatch_hIts necessary

3. You’re fridge is full of spinach, fish and an assortment of tupperware containers….

LEftovers-in-frig-jepge-225x300We really only cook once or twice a week.  Its called food prep.

4.  You have more stretchy pants, tank tops and running shoes then you do work clothes….

c7b417b911dfae4fde346c7abd4395b7You may also occasionally try and figure out how you can wear the gym clothes at work.  Its just easier.

5.  You’re Facebook feed, blog, etc is full of other people who lift…

rottenecard_59569040_fysbfxf7ccthere’s probably also some friends that post stuff like “I don’t care you went to the gym”  pfffttt… surround yourself with like minded people.

6.   At the gym you can pick out the newbies and cardio queens in less than 5 seconds.

imagesYou also may start to do this in every day life like at the grocery store, when people have a cart full of chicken and green stuff you wanna give them a fist bump

7.   You’re iPod is full of “motivational” music.

images (1)Like “Work Bitch”  and “99 problems”  you also occasionally think you’re a 20 year old thug while lifting.


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