Five things friday….

1.  Canadian Weather + Traffic = idiotic drivers

Having moved back to my home town I also some how with ridiculous lawyers fees still have to drive my kids to almost Toronto every other weekend and back.  Driving is not the issue, I’m Canadian and learned to drive in 6 feet of snow when I turned 16. Problem: idiot Canadians that forget they are Canadian and forget how to drive every single winter!  on a bad day its 1.5 hours… tonight, at plus 3, no ice and no snow coming down 2 hours… WTF?

2.  Competition

Competing at UFE spring bash 2014 April 5, in Mississauga

3.  New Gym

Having had enough of Goodlife Fitness and their incompetent crappy employees which are hell bent on using and abusing clients I have joined Anytime Fitness… and for the record Tuesday I had a killer chest and tricep workout in the gym all to myself a week after new years – can you say win?!?!

4.  Snow and cold suck!

Well… all you californians whining that you’re trees were blowing and it was 10 degrees (celsius)  we hit a record low of -22.4 or -41 with windchill this week.  That holy crap its cold and you need a touque in canadian speak.  (-8.32 farenheit)  it will freeze even vodka… just saying


5.  when dating….

Make sure his schedule lines up with yours.  ugh.


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