First competition break down

1.  Tanning
The place that did my tan was amazing!  The owner is a friend of mine and she went absolutely above and beyond.  That being said, when I do this again I will either stick to good old tanning booth tan (I was already really dark) or I will pay for the on site competitiion)

2.  Division

I chose bikini because it seemed honestly the “simplest” division.  1 walk, 1 bikini, 1 pair of shoes.  Although I felt amazing I also felt after looking at pictures that I was a little too defined and perhaps “bulky” for the division. Next time I plan to compete in Fitness model and give that a go!  Plus, now that I have a taste for the stage, going on twice isn’t quite so scary.

3. Children.
It was amazing having my boys at my first competition.  They screamed and yelled and cheered me on when I went on stage.  That being said having to worry about the munchkins at the same time as compete was allot to deal with and I think I’ll find something for them to do or somewhere for them to be next time.


My #1 Fans

4. Posing
I practiced and practiced and practiced before this show.  That being said, I needed allot more practice.  I have already signed up for a workshop in May and I may contact my posing coach again before the next competition

That’s a short list considering.  I had such an amazing experience. Thanks again to everyone who supported me through all of this.  I’m hooked!

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